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Weekly Sneak Peek: Mainio tableware series by Arabia

Weekly promotion: Arabia launches a new tableware series designed especially with small spaces in mind. Weekly Sneak Peek publishes novelties by design makers and brands. 


Arabia is one of the best known and loved brands in Finland. It has kept its strong hold of Finnish homes, from daily life to festive occasions, for more than 140 years. Arabia’s in-house design and product development specialist team has designed a new tableware series called Mainio. Head designer was Irina Viippola, design manager at Arabia.


The Mainio collection is a light, easy-to-use and stackable series of tableware that combines practicality with versatility and durability. The dishes are practical particularly thanks to their dimensions: they are light to use and easy to organize and wash in the dishwasher. In addition, they’ve been designed oven- and freezer-proof, and they can be used to store food. The plates accurately fit the bowls and cups to function as lids.

The hand-drawn print pattern of the collection, Sarastus (“Daybreak”), was inspired by the old Ivalo pattern designed in 1965 by Raija Uosikkinen.


The Mainio tableware collection will be sold in the Arabia stores, the online store and via retailers.


The collection will be on sale in the beginning of January 2018.


With a completely new profile, Mainio is an innovation born from urbanization and small homes. The number of one- and two-person households is on the rise, and we have less and less space to use in our homes. Arabia conducted several studies as a basis for the design of Mainio. The results indicated a need for versatility, stowing in small space and combinability. Mainio was developed from an idea to create a laid-back tableware collection with versatile use in small spaces.

“We wanted to assume a wider angle than just serving food. Ceramic items are versatile if they’re designed to be that way – many people are already using bowls to store food and plates as lids, but these may not be completely compatible. We wanted to create a perfect concept,” says Irina Viippola.

The Mainio Sarastus tableware collection consists of four plates (11, 15, 19, 25 cm), a mug and a cup (0.17 and 0.3 litres) and three bowls (13, 17 and 23 cm). It can be complemented by white Mainio plates of two sizes (19 and 25 cm) without print.



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