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Weekly Pics: Kimmo Syväri

Weekly Pics is a peek into the visual diaries of designers and design professionals. This time, photographer Kimmo Syväri captured one shooting day with his colleague Tuukka Koski.

“In this picture, me and my co-founder Tuukka relax between sauna sessions and wonder about life. We started together a production company Koski Syväri that producecs both still images and films in an art industrial context. Despite our sometimes one-sided and stubborn worldview, we have managed to see eye to eye and build a company together.”

“This picture represents one piece in the Can Kerto series shot for Metsä Wood. The series is an exploration into the possibilities of the fast, light and green wood product as a building material.”

“The work was divided into concept work done together with hasan & partners agency, the ideation of the production, the actual shoot and the retouching. Then the plan was handed over to assistant Melvin Torrens, who then executed the first draft of the light setup and composition.

When the draft was ready the assistant and photographer took a critical look at it and decided what would need to be changed.”

“In this picture, Melvin is building the set up. Melvin started in the company as an intern. Trough rigid self-discipline and enthusiasm he has developed a solid technical ability to execute work, and this spring he started to teach our new team member, photography student Paula Kesäläinen.”

“Paula Kesäläinen sets up the wood pieces. The setups are sometimes very demanding as the material is expected to do things it was never intended to do.

In this case, the tall standing pillars could tip over and cause a domino effect making the whole installation collapse. In a set up where pices are moved into plave a few millimeters at a time, this sort of destruction requires the work to start from the beginning.”

“The core of the ideation process was to find strong links between iconic photographs and themes that the viewer could relate to. Being familiar invites the viewer to explore the image. A closer look then will give something new and insightfull as a revard.

The same approach as is at the core of any progressive and good design.”

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