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Weekly Pics: Ina Mikkola

Weekly Pics is a peek into the visual diaries of designers and design professionals. This time we travel to Los Angeles with a costume, hair & make up designer Ina Mikkola.


Since the last year, I have traveled between Helsinki and Los Angeles for both work and pleasure. At the moment, I am working on a film and being on a charge of the characters’ looks. I work as a costume, hair and make up designer, which means I have to plan and decide what the characters will look like and also put it into practice.


I order lots of stuff online, so my workroom is full of cardboard boxes. I have thrown many of them away already, but saved a few to store the characters’ costume. Everything must be strictly organized to avoid chaos.



Costume making takes time. The most important tools are definitely a measure, needles and scissors. Glue gun is convenient for a variety of purposes, for example for modifying shoes or gluing seams.


I wanted to find a dress with a cloud pattern for one character, and when I did, I wasn’t compeletely happy with the design. That’s why I added collars and shirt buttons, that are made of white fake leather.


This is one of the film locations.


My goal for this week was to get one of the wigs done. It needed, for instance, four additional pieces to give it more volume.


When the new pieces were ready, I attached them to the front part of the wig. I also needed to add more hair to hide the add-ons and to make them remain firmly.

On this picture, the wig is still unfinished. I can’t reveal the result yet, because it will make its debut in the film.

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