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Tunnustustuoli award to Helsinki Design Week and its founder Kari Korkman

The award is an annual recognition for a good work in the field of interior design.

Tunnustustuoli 2017 award has been given to Helsinki Design Week and its founder & CEO Kari Korkman. Annual award is recognition for a good work in the field of interior design.

Sisustustoimittajat ry is a Finnish organization for interior design journalists. The other candidates were Löyly sauna and Allas Sea Pool. Previous winners include HT-Collection and Vepsäläinen.

Jury’s comments:

“Every autumn, inspiring design vibe is caused by Helsinki Design Week festival. This city festival activates the design industry people and includes more than 250 design, architecture and fashion events. Established in 2005, HDW promote international cooperation and presents the industry newcomers and phenomena. Korkman has had a major role in building the role of Helsinki as a design capital.

Helsinki Design Week has increased residents’ interest in their city. At the same time, the event increases interest in Finnish design and its determinants.”

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