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The first Chief Design Officer of Helsinki is Anne Stenros

D.Sc. (Tech.), architect D.Sc. (Tech.), architect has been selected as the first Chief Design Officer of the City of Helsinki among more than 50 applicants.

The first Chief Design Officer (CDO) of the City of Helsinki has now been selected. D.Sc. (Tech.), architect Anne Stenros starts in the position in September. Currently she works as a IDBM Program Director at Aalto University School of Business. She will work as CDO until the end of 2018.

More than 50 applicants applied for the position.

Helsinki is among the first cities in the world to hire Chief Design Officer.

New CDO is to take responsibility for a new three-year project called Helsinki Lab, the purpose of which is to enforce user understanding and experimentation culture. Helsinki Lab is to make design knowledge, digitality and interaction an increasingly integral part of the city development.

New CDO will be assisted by two design experts who are professionals in the fields of user understanding, inclusion, development through experimentation, and visuality. In addition to them, 10 to 15 city experts from different administrative fields are to participate part-time in the Lab work and projects.

Read more about the new CDO position here!

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