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Popular Design Market gets a new neighbour New Market

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Design Market is Helsinki Design Week’s hugely popular trading post that is to be coupled with a new sales event New Market. It will present new, unforeseen design products to consumers. 

This year’s Helsinki Design Week offers more than ever for the friends of design products as its hugely popular Design Market expands in the neighbourhood in September. A new event for launching and selling novelties called New Market is to be opened nearby, offering early adopters an opportunity to familiarize with brand new design products. The event will be joint organised by Helsinki Design Week and Finlayson.

It is a curated event for launching and selling new design products. Its curator is designer Sebastian Jansson. He is currently looking for novelties to be included in the event. Designers, producers, and makers can contact Helsinki Design Week to suggest products to be included.

The event concept is created in collabration with textile brand Finlayson, a partner of Helsinki Design Week. New Market takes place at Finlayson offices and showroom in Ruoholahti.

“New Market will be a flush of experience. It will offer new recycled products, like home-woven rugs, and retail-type premises, including barcodes. We’re designing the space with a new visual appearance and product displays,” says CEO of Finlayson Jukka Kurttila.

Transferring from the Cable Factory to New Market is fun using “the rope bus”. There’ll be an actual bus stop including timetables.

“The idea is to make people move from the entrance of the Design Market to the New Market as a group, following “the bus driver” and holding on to a colourful rope. A bus ride always has its own unique atmosphere, and there may be surprises along the way,” Kurttila hints.

The interior design and visual identity is by Natalia Ritari together with the marketing team of Finlayson and the team of Helsinki Design Week. Graphic design is by Ritari and Jenna Kunnas.

Design Market is the biggest design stock sale in the Nordics and gets now a new neighbour, New Market. © AINO HUOVIO

Products to improve our everyday lives

Kurttila calls for new ideas and familiarity to the design field.

“Design field should get rid of its cold and ethereal image. We make products for people’s homes. That is why we want the products to feel familiar and easy to approach, and to improve our everyday lives.”

After making career in advertising, Kurttila has led Finlayson since 2014. New technology is interesting, and Kurttila aspires to add digitalisation into products. The Moomin bed linen series include an image code that can be opened with a mobile phone to read Moomin comics in three language versions. Latest products also include an icon that you can click to obtain manufacturing process information.

Finlayson was founded in 1820 in Tampere. It still operates in the same industrial area that is favoured by hipsters and media professionals. This trendy industrial region is sometimes called Finland’s Manchester. Finlayson’s flagship store is located on South Esplanade in Helsinki.

Sales and promotion event for design products, New Market, is organised for the first time on 3 and 4 September 2016 at Finlayson offices/showroom at Porkkalankatu 13 K, Helsinki.

Suggest products to be included at helena.fernstrom@helsinkidesignweek.com by July 31.

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