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Designers around the world figure out future homes

The future of home is a hot topic. Design Capital Taipei is hosting a major exhibition that brings together the country’s talents in design and architecture. In Finland, a design competition promises 30,000 euros to the best home design proposal.

Designers around the world place their focus on homes – and no wonder.

Major global changes reflect strongly in our living, which creates an endless array of opportunities for the design fields. Climate change, the aging population, digitalization, redefined families and multiculturalism present the kind of changes that demand new solutions everywhere.

Perhaps the most extensive exhibition this year is now open in Design Capital Taipei. Named appropriately, HOME2025 explores what our homes will look like after one decade. At the same time, this exhibition presents a fascinating review of both Taiwan’s design field and the home design opportunities across the globe.

Ching-Yueh Roan, Wei-Hsiung Chan, and Sotetsu Sha are the team of curators for this exhibition, who have begun working since May, 2015, to coordinate among 29 teams of designers, architects, and 20 topflight businesses. They brainstormed for nearly 18 months to explore the different inhabitation arrangements of the future, and confronted the social, economic, and environmental issues facing Taiwan by engaging creative thinkers and industrial representatives.

The fruit of their labor is a visionary and cross-disciplinary project that delineates the homescapes of 2025.

The program features six major themes, including architecture perspective, sustainability, privacy, new living and thinking, homefront applications, and sensibility. The 30 projects are actualized into large, life-size installation art pieces, scalable models and photographs to conceptualize our not-at-all-unlikely visions of home, and create a “foreseeable, imagery diorama of dwelling places.”

This is what the HOME2025 exhibition looks like:

© HOME2025

Wei-Hsiung Chan, Ching-Yueh Roan and Sotetsu Sha have curated the exhibition. © HOME2025

© HOME2025

Design competition looking for solutions

Design together with multidisciplinary expertise will play major roles in the future.

Among international competition, Finland has the opportunity to design and manufacture products and services that accommodate future changes. The new ‘Home Revisited’ design competition is looking for solutions to these and many other changes of the future’s homes.

The competition, launched by the Asko Foundation to celebrate their 50th anniversary, strives to create new innovations for the home of the future.

The objective of the competition is to create commercially viable new products that correspond to the needs of the future. It reviews home in a multidisciplinary way through service design, spatial solutions, product design, and technical solutions, as well as through any combination of the above. The winner of the competition is to receive 30,000 euro. The competition is open to both professionals and students.

Tje jury member, architect Helena Sandman believes that the more we feel able to connect with and impact our environment, the better care we take of it:

“I’m hoping to see suggestions that bring various population groups closer together instead of being separated. For example, a way for the elderly to live together with the young instead of separate nursing homes and a way to design housing with common space for children and their divorced parents.”

Entries for the Home Revisited’s must be submitted by 31 December 2016. Read more here.

The HOME2025 exhibition is open at JUT Art Museumissa on 22 October 2016 to 15 January 2017. The organizer is JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture.


Entries for the Home Revisited’s must be submitted by 31 December 2016. Luovi Productions Oy that runs Helsinki Design Week bears the responsibility for the production of the competition.


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