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Preparations continue to establish a new architecture and design museum complex in Helsinki

The preparations for a new architecture and design museum to be located in Helsinki proceed to the next phase implemented by the City of Helsinki, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum in Helsinki. The preliminary report submitted in August is the base on which to plan the new world-class establishment. It is now time to move on towards a concrete project.

The aim is to prepare a concept plan as the basis for the Finnish State, the City of Helsinki and the foundations for the Design Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture to decide on the further preparation of the project and related measures. The project is implemented in collaboration between the foundation for the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Architecture Information Centre and the foundation for the Design Museum. A steering group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Helsinki is responsible for its implementation. The Chair of the steering group is Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Project Leader is Tuomas Auvinen, CEO of Creader.

The preparation project will prepare a concept plan for the new museum. The plan will describe the shared view of the Finnish State, the City of Helsinki and the museums on the key objectives, practices and targeted visitors of the new complex and how the new museum can be realized in a way that represents the top international standard.

“Helsinki is strongly committed to carrying through internationally ambitious projects in our city. The new architecture and design museum would be an interesting addition to our already excellent offering, as well as an attractive destination for tourists. Helsinki wants to distinguish itself internationally as a world leader in architecture and design,” says Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori.

“Architecture and design are integral parts of Finland and Finnish identity. The existing architecture and design museum buildings do not meet this reality. Finland deserves an internationally attractive museum encompassing a modern and bold concept. The new museum is to meet these needs by offering unique experiences and new viewpoints to design and architecture”, the website of the New Design and Architecture Museum states.

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