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Irma Boom and The Rodina to perform at Huiput Festival 2021 

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Huiput Creative Festival will bring together a group of the most prominent international creative design experts, this time on a virtual platform. In addition to the performances, the event programme will include virtual workshops led by the headliners.

The theme for the event organised for the fifth time is CHANGE. The confirmed line-up of guests at the event includes Mirko Borsche, Irma Boom and The Rodina.

Portrait of Mirko Borsche.

Mirko Borsche.

The main performer at the festival will be the leading designer Mirko Borsche from Germany. The works by the versatile Bureau Borsche are based on a content-driven approach which embraces the idea of design as a source of learning, understanding and joy. The studio’s clients include Balenciaga, Givenchy, Nike and Supreme.

Portrait of Irma Boom.

Irma Boom

“The queen of books”, Dutch Irma Boom has designed over 300 books during her 30-year career.  Her courageous and experimental approach challenges accepted norms with regards to both physical design and printed content.

Tereza Ruller (in the featured image) is an Amsterdam-based communications designer, educator and the co-founder of the studio The Rodina. Ruller’s work is based on experimental practices which delve into the strategies of performance art, play and subversion. The Rodina explores virtual environments as spaces for new ideas and aesthetics. It studies how the freedom and playfulness traditionally granted to artists could be available to wider audiences.

Advance tickets for the virtual creative design event organised on 4 March 2021 are now available for purchase here. Helsinki Design Week is one of the event’s partners.

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