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Marttiini encourages people into the wild one knife at a time

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Marttiini Finland teams up with Finnish designer Harri Koskinen to create the perfect set of knives for camping and the cabin kitchen.

The collaboration is close to perfection, with five knives in a set easily carried in its leather casing. Characteristic of the classic Marttiini, the set is harmonious, practical and beautifully designed.

The new Marttiini Finland Cabin Chef series designed by Harri Koskinen was born out of a true need. “As a sporadic adventurer and keen cook, I have often felt the need to also carry a chef’s knife with me,” Koskinen explains. “That need gave rise to the original Cabin Chef concept idea.”

The five knife set features a fish fork and a Cabin Chef filleting knife.

“We have an ever growing group of people interested in the pleasure of the outdoors, whether that be the cabin or longer treks in the woods,” Ville Kivilompolo, Design Lead at Marttiini, confirms. “Every single one of these people will need a knife out in the wild. A good knife at that.”

The identification of a need for a well-designed knife led to the project’s first challenge. In order to be practical, the knives would also have to be easily carried along as adventures in nature often involve lugging along large amounts of other essential things.

“What I love about this series is how easily it travels with you,” Kivilompolo enthuses. “It combines design with practicality, function and the ultimate task of encouraging people to find their way into the wild.”

The Cabin Chef series was immediately designed to become a set of knives. All individual knives powered by form and function yet easily taken along as an assortment for chores at the camping site.

What makes this series unique is the array of five knives, including a smaller knife, two chef knives, a filleting knife and a fish fork. The set even comes with a sharpening stone.

“Each of the four knives come with its own intended purpose but can be used from the woods to the cabin kitchen,” Koskinen promises, “these knives are extremely universal.”

The Cabin Chef series’ knives have been designed with a rounded square handle to accommodate different grips.The Cabin Chef knife set comes wrapped in a beautiful leather knife roll. And the task of designing such a casing shouldn’t be undermined! “Producing the leather roll was an interesting task,” Kivilompolo says. “What we wanted to accomplish was a simple solution to a fold that could carry all five items and also hold fast with nothing but staples.”

“What we most importantly did not want was a plastic box solution.”

The leather roll comes with a tiny belt that allows for the contents to be wrapped tight. It is designed to be carried around on the waist, and its sheet-like form makes the roll stay open at the top. This makes the knives easily accessible even while the roll is held tightly at the hip. “I really enjoy the fact that you can pull the knives from the handle up and out of the roll without removing the casing from your belt,” Kivilompolo enthuses. “If I found myself at the lean-to, I wouldn’t ever even bother opening the roll once.”

Ville Kivilompolo

Ville Kivilompolo.

“That is how practical the leather casing is.”

All five knives in the set come with a rounded square handle designed to accommodate different grips. The handles are made of Finnish thermally modified birch – a material known for its durability and graceful aging as well as its warm and pleasant feel to the grip. The matte finish ensures a safe grip even when conditions are wet.

The balanced combination of beautiful design, the practicality of the product and the beautiful natural materials guarantee that the Cabin Chef knives are a pleasure to use, time and time again.

The Cabin Chef knife set comes with a beautifully designed leather roll.“What we at Marttiini longed to do with this series, was to inspire people to seek out nature. Go camping, go to the cabin or simply wander in the woods,” Kivilompolo details, “that to me feels meaningful.”

“The product development and design phase has been long and thorough, I am very happy with the final product series,” Koskinen confirms.

Master chef Pekka Terävä consulted Harri Koskinen.

The leather knife roll and the Chef Cabin knives have already been travelling with the designer for a year on diverse adventures.

“It has been a remarkable journey from the original idea to a finished product family,” enthuses Koskinen, “one that will come into plenty of use in the wild.”

Follow the live Weekly talk on 8 September at 19 with Harri Koskinen, Ville Kivilompolo ja Pekka Terävä.

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