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We’ve been publishing Helsinki Design Weekly for five years now. It’s an online medium and a newsletter, and we are happy to see from the data that the content is of interest to our readers. Now we would like some feedback from you!

Which stories do you find interesting? What type of content would you like us to add and which stories do you tend to skip?

During last year, we refined Weekly into a radio programme at Radio Helsinki and managed to reach new audiences who now understand the importance of design as a topic. Have you listened to the programme?

In order to develop Weekly into an even better medium, we’re conducting a reader survey between 6 August and 30 September. Answering the survey will only take five minutes. Moreover, we’ll draw one gift voucher worth 200€ to the Finnish Design Shop among all respondents.

Take the Helsinki Design Weekly reader survey here.

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Helsinki Design Weekly is an online design publication presenting timely phenomena in the field of design and raises discussion about the future of the industry bolstered by top writers on the front lines.