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Finnish fashion brands offer well-considered clothing models made of sustainable materials. Pure Waste’s collection is manufactured using textile waste, Neulomo’s collection is made in Orivesi, and Haló follows the slow-fashion cycle in its collection launches. If you need comfortable clothing in your time of isolation, it’s worth shopping for these brands! 


Founded in 2017 by two friends and former colleagues, Marta Valtovirta and Jukka Puljujärvi, Haló is a women’s fashion brand from Lapland. As well as their own designs, they have the license to use Reidar Särestöniemi’s art in their collections, and for each of these collaboration works sold, a part of the proceeds will be donated to the Särestöniemi Museum and Foundation. The brand fits the slow fashion cycle.


Palmroth manufactures high quality and responsible women’s design footwear. Finnish design since 1928.


Costo’s products are ecological and made to last they are of high quality and timeless in design. Their quality is based on skillful craftsmanship and sustainable material choices. The fabrics and leathers are leftovers from the furniture and fashion industries, the cotton is either recycled or organic, and the hats are made from high quality merino wool.

Ecology has been taken into account in local production. The products are made in Yliullava, Sastamala or Tallinn.

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. 

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. produces luxurious kids’ and women’s fashion, and a home collection focusing on printed textiles, cushions, woven throws and handmade rugs. The expanding accessories collection carries permanent, timeless silk scarves and kimonos. Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. follows ethical principles in all production stages. Fair and equal collaboration and the responsible use of resources are part of their design process.


Niimaar has been manufacturing sustainable products for the Zero Waste lifestyle since 2016. Ecosmol is a stylish and versatile recycling system designed by Harri Koskinen. In addition, Niimaari has a new recycling system for the Ecogrande office, Ecomini for smaller spaces, Zero Waste biobags, and polymarble watches made from recycled plastic. “Our mission is to reduce disposable plastic in the world!”


Neuolomo’s home is in Kangasala, and it is part of the Finish textile and clothing company Tam-Silk Oy, which has been operating for more than 90 years. Knitwear’s products are manufactured in collaboration with Finnish companies and agents. All of its clothes are designed in Helsinki. The knitwear is made in co-operation with Finnish companies knitting in Orivesi, dyeing in Nivala and printing in Aitoo. The clothes are sewn in Tallinn and Kangasala. Knitwear’s clothes are stylish, multi-purpose, changeable and casual women’s underwear knitwear.


In design, we strive for long-term solutions, that is, clothes that are as durable, functional and timeless as possible. With us, the function goes above all else we have become known for designing workwear. We want to create clothes that are perfect for the job, but are so functional, high quality and sweet that people want to wear them not just at work in the city but also at night. In our actions, responsibility is a matter of course, and we make sure that the story of our clothes can withstand the light of day.



Aarre, “treasure”, makes everyday clothing choices easy by creating products that last over time and use. We design and manufacture each of them carefully, as our world does not need any more useless clothing. Aarre’s clothing is designed in Finland and manufactured responsibly at its own sewing workshop in northern Portugal and by long-term partners located nearby.


Welcome to the playful and yet minimalist world of Dadamora! All our products are made with love and care in Estonia. We use local sewing shops and high-quality organic cotton fabric from a local textile factory. Our fabrics are GOTS certified. They are comfortably soft and perfect for sensitive skin. We strive to make long-term sustainable design and to keep the footprint of our production as small as possible.


Raijan Aitta

Raijan Aitta, “Raija’s Granary”, is from Mikkeli. The linen shop sells its own collection of linen textiles, clothes, towels and handicrafts online and on the farm. The berry farm grows and sells strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants in season.


Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Helsinki is Finland’s most internationally known fashion brand. Over more than twenty years, Ivana Helsinki has grown into a comprehensive fashion, design, music, experience design and film design agency. Ivana Helsinki relies on the aesthetics of Scandinavian and Slavic culture. There is always a longing for beauty, endless roads and the powerful stories of the past. Ivana Helsinki is best known for her new wave of print design, personal dresses and the art projects of her artistic director Paola Suhonen.


The selection consists of Marjo Riihelä’s own collection of jewellery and children’s clothing, as well as carefully curated products from other small brands. The products are selected based on good design, materials and skillful craftsmanship.


Lovia creates durable accessories from the rubbish of other industries with a completely transparent production chain. The materials used include cutting waste from the furniture industry and salmon leather, which is a by-product of the food industry. The bags are handcrafted by Milanese artisans, and the jewellery is made in a Helsinki jeweler’s workshop. Each product has its own transparent DNA profile where you can see the origin of all its materials, production and pricing.

Pure Waste

Pure Waste is a guarantee of responsibility this pioneer of textile recycling makes 100% recycled fabrics and clothing from them. The product range consists of high quality everyday classic basic clothes that offer the same comfort as their counterparts made of virgin materials. Timeless products are suitable for everyone and bring innovative material into anyone’s responsible wardrobe.


Nomen Nescio

Black clothes for people.



Inspiring, effortless and responsible. Casual and straight-lined women’s clothing with a bohemian twist. Fascinating patterns and quality materials.

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