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New project to create a info centre for the design field

  • Helsinki Design Week

Kirsi Korhonen has been appointed the project manager of a new project that aims to strengthen the visibility of the field of design in Finland and beyond. The project will bring different institutions and actors closer to each other.

Finland is a design nation with successful designers, companies, institutions and universities. This know-how should be made more visible.

The new project builds a platform and communication channels for the design field. The stories represent dynamic and diverse design knowledge and serve both the business and public sector as well as society at large. The goal is to open a service point to serve those interested in Finnish design so they can easily find the contacts and information they need.

The project is led by Helsinki Design Week’s organizer Luovi Productions, Aalto University, Design Forum Finland, the Design Museum, the Grafia Association of Visual Communication Designers and Ornamo Art and Design Finland. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Kirsi Korhonen assumed the position in April. She has over 20 years of experience from private, public and third sectors in Finland and internationally. She has previously worked as the director of the Artists’ Association of Finland.

What is important to you right now, Kirsi? 

Light. The human ability to survive and adapt by innovating. New and interesting work for the sake of a better tomorrow.

What are you reading at the moment? 

Emily Campbell’s A Few Minutes of Design. It’s a treat that shines light on what can be included in all design.

What do you dream of designing?

I would love to renovate the care home of my mother, who suffers from a memory disorder. I would love to show how the everyday life of seniors could be made better with design with better routes, spaces, daily routines and communication.

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