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Helsinki Design Week 2019 introduces five novelties

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This year’s theme, Learning Climate, is present throughout the programme. The City Hall will transform into a Climate School, the neo-renaissance palace Erottaja 2 will feature five floors of exhibitions, and all visitors can wear festival passes on their wrists.

  1. Climate Impact Map at the City Hall

In the Climate School, each lesson provides more understanding about the actions that affect climate change. Various themes, including transport, living, food and construction, as well as many challenges, social phenomena and contexts influence the solutions with which our future is being built. Targeted at both citizens and companies, the Climate School will address all of these aspects during the festival week. Design helps create the big picture of the bits and pieces and present it as a Climate Impact Map.

The Climate School is organized by the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Design Week in cooperation with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.

Jenni Väre has designed the visual identity of 2019.

  1. Main exhibition on four floors

The main venue of Helsinki Design Week on Erottaja 2 has four floors occupied by exhibitions. Each Room with a View provides its own perspective to design work. The participants represent the design field at large, the invitees including Hakola, Typocraft, Nomen Nescio, Grafia, Trash Design and Helsieni.

DesignPartners19 brings together makers and operators from different fields, who may have more than expected in common. These include Artek, Marimekko, Poiat, Naava and Metsähallitus.

Erottaja will also present the new Helsinki Design Awards finalists and the new players of the Design Diplomacy card game. Under the same roof we’ll find the Helsinki Design Week festival info desk and ticket sales, the HDW store, discussion panels and workshops.

  1. Designs for a Cooler Planet – in Espoo

On the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University during September, the Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition will introduce solutions that support more sustainable lifestyles. Otaniemi galleries present ten multidisciplinary exhibitions at which we can learn about future cruisers, furniture made of construction waste, ecological textiles, products made of new materials, participatory development for a city district as well as Finland’s exhibitions from the Milan Triennial and the Venice Biennial curated by Aalto.


Lasten designviikon ilme on myös Jenni Väreen käsialaa.

  1. Ways to make the world better at Annantalo

For the first time, the Children’s Design Week will be held at Annantalo, where kids can take the Design Exploration Path designed by Etana Editions and SuoMu, the Finnish Association of Design Learning. Various workshops offer ways to utilize recycled materials and encourage kids to find solutions for a more sustainable world. At Annantalo, kids can build machines of IT scrap, study colours through real microscopes using pipettes and make a wall-hanging while learning to mend clothes and textiles.

On school days, the Children’s Design Week programme is targeted at schools and daycare groups, but there are things to do and workshops to enter for everybody. Most of the hullabaloo will happen on the weekend 14 and 15 September.

  1. Wrap our bamboo band around your wrist and go

The hundreds of events organized during the Design Week may feel like an overwhelming experience for the visitors. In order to help people find the events that interest them the most, Helsinki Design Week is testing a new HDW Pass. By registering to the festival, the visitor receives a wrist band made of soft bamboo and emails about the events, panels and exhibitions of special interest to them. The pass allows for a discount for the tickets to Erottaja 2 and includes other special offers too.



Read more about the visual identity and it’s designer Jenni Väre on the Weekly Mix.

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