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Harri Koskinen: “Nationality matters only in certain projects”

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Finnish Harri Koskinen’s new products presented during this design week have been produced with Japanese and American partners. Koskinen told Weekly what his collaboration projects are based on.

American Memo Furniture’s Chroma items will be introduced 10 September. The series includes a lounge chair, coffee tables and an ottoman. Their bold, chubby outlines and bright colours really catch the eyes.

During this design week, the products you’ve designed will be presented by a Japanese and an American company. Are international projects the way to go for Finnish designers?

At the moment, my office is balancing to do projects for both domestic and foreign clients. Designer business partners are found baed on common interests, and nationality matters in certain projects only. For example, the Iwatemo project to be launched 12 Septemeber at Galleria Lemmetti focused on Finnish designers and an understanding of our cultural specifics.

How did you end up in cooperation with Memo Furniture based in Seattle, Washington?

The Memo founders had studied my work samples in more detail in the context of another American project and then contacted me. After a couple of discussions we figured out to share similar ideas and decided to test collaboration. It’s been smooth sailing since then.

Helsinki Design Week often addresses interactive internationalization. What do you think about this concept, and is this it?

Yes! Design work is always interactive. The topics most discussed with international clients include the differences and similarities of daily lives in different countries. For me the best example is the MUJI Found Suomi Finland project that I curated last summer. At the moment, I’m working on a Finnish-Japanese sauna and spa for a Japanese client. In this project the interaction is very experiential and comprehensive.

Chroma is an ensemble of Lounge Seating designed by Harri Koskinen, produced by Memo, a furniture company based in Seattle, Washington. The Chroma chairs and tables are perfect for creative work in different work environments as well as for meeting and waiting rooms. Chroma will be launchend on Helsinki Design Week.

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