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Design Market Online to cheer you up this springtime

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Now, for the first time, we are hosting the Design Market online from 24 to 26 April! 

A carefully selected group of vendors will sell affordable products that are useful in isolation at home and that will cheer you up, refresh your mind and delight your loved ones. Helsinki Design Week also wants to support the group of design entrepreneurs that have made the entire festival possible for the last 15 years.

Design Market Online works just like the events at the Cable Factory in the fall: Helsinki Design Week offers the space, and the vendors are responsible for selling the products themselves. You can find your favorite items on Design Market Online and a link to the webshops where there are other products for sale.

As usual, special items and storage finds are for sale. Already included brands are Lundia, Hakola, Verso Design, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co., Tonfisk Design, Kotona, hálo and Vallila Interior. The registration deadline for vendors is 17 April. Find out more here.

Riikka Jalava and the Makeba-pattern, designed by Howard Smith. The design is named after the singer Miriam Makeba and it is inspired by the 70’s atmosphere.

“Enjoying an aesthetic environment brings joy, inspiration and positive experiences. To develop creative thinking is important in our work in the midst of changing times – creating and developing new ways of working and paths forward together,” says strategy designer Riikka Jalava from Vallila Interior.

The magic of the Design Market is in its temporary nature, even now, when sales are organized online. The event is celebrated over the weekend on various channels, and designers will talk about their work on Helsinki Design Week’s social media channels. Follow HDW on Instagram and Facebook now if you haven’t already.

Klaus Haapaniemi Giants summer 2020.

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.

“Design Market is a fun, lively and communal event for us. It’s great that it’s now happening online – hopefully the same inspirational community will meet there. Our goal is always to make products that will delight and touch you. Now that we’ve been at home for three weeks, we know how important it is to have beauty, things made with love and just the goods that have emotional value,” says Mia Wallenius of Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.

Do you want to become a vendor in Design Market Online? Read more about participating here.

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