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Why do I Consume? Rethinking Happiness and Consumption

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Content of the Lecture

What is so attractive and addictive about shopping? In the sustainability context consumerist behaviours have become the object of scorn and derision. But is it worthwhile making a scarecrow out of consumption, without understanding the reasons it has so much power over us? During the lesson we will learn why consumption and happiness are related, whether they can be decoupled and whether there is anything we can learn from consumerism. We will explore what makes you happy, what generally makes people happy, and how Finland has ranked in happiness. Using this knowledge we will brainstorm ideas for slower, more sustainable holiday travel, as travelling remains one of the most carbon-intensive domains of personal consumption.

The lecture is held in English.

Teacher of the Lecture

Angelina Korsunova is a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University School of Business focusing on consumer-company interactions on sustainability topics, and motivating the transition to sustainable lifestyles. Angelina has done research on citizen engagement in sustainability innovations, and on companies encouraging more sustainable consumption. Angelina believes that bridging sustainable consumption and production topics is the only way to advance sustainability research and practice.

About Climate School! 

The lobby of the Helsinki City Hall turns into Climate School from 9 to 13 September 2019. Each lesson provides more understanding about actions that affect climate change. Various themes, challenges, social phenomena and the context influence the solutions by which our future is being built. Design and dialogue help assemble various pieces to perceive the topic from a new angle on a Climate Change Map. You can attend individual lessons or pick out several interesting themes!

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Climate School is organized by the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Design Week in cooperation with Urban Academy, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Helsinki takes its climate change responsibility seriously. An ambitious target of the City’s strategy is to achieve a carbon neutral Helsinki by 2035.




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