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Weekly Talk: Harri Koskinen, Ville Kivilompolo, Pekka Terävä

  • Industrial design and products
Sep 8, Tue 19:00-00:00
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Follow Weeky Talk live stream on 8th September at 19 with designer Harri Koskinen, Marttiini’s Design Lead Ville Kivilompolo and the award-winning chef Pekka Terävä of Olo, Emo and Nude restaurants about how the Cabin Chef knife range was born and some of the secrets of its design: marttiini.fi/cabinchef

The talk is hosted by Helsinki Design Week’s programme director Anni Korkman and Weekly’s editor-in-chief Ida Kukkapuro.

Join the talk www.marttiini.fi/erakokki/live


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