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Tiny House Fair – Bus Tour and Workshop

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Sep 14, Fri 16:00-22:00
Sep 15, Sat 10:00-23:00
Kääntöpöytä, Pasilan vanhat veturitallit, Veturitallinkuja 00520 Helsinki
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Tiny houses have become a worldwide movement, as the tendency is towards smaller families and more sustainable living. Finnish architects and designers have created practical, ecological and interesting buildings that deserve attention. Dodo’s tiny house bus tour showcases buildings that are designed as suitable for dwelling all year round. They are near the capital region. The houses are from 15 to 50 square meters, and one of them is portable, on a trailer.

FRIDAY 14th September

16:00 – The bus tour starts from Kiasma, Helsinki City Centre. Price €10.


Single room house in the garden, Vantaa

SATO Studiokoti, Vantaa

Kotonen prototype, Vanhakartano, Espoo

21:00 – The tour ends with Trailer-home by Toni Goltz at Dodo’s Urban Farming Centre Kääntöpöytä/Turntable in Pasila, Helsinki.

SATURDAY 15th September

10:00 – 16:00 – The Tiny House exhibition and workshop will be open at Kääntöpöytä/Turntable. Free of charge.

The exhibition will present Dodo’s own minihouse prototype, Lapinjärvitalo for elderly model and poster (ihkulapinjarvi.blogspot.com), various DIY and open source design plans in addition to Dodo’s vision for the old Pasila rail yard with a tiny house village (ratapihavisio.fi/). In the workshop you can take part in the construction of Dodo’s minihouse and design your own tiny house virtually.

17:00 – 23:59 – The evening program will be held in a dome structure “Pasila anthropocene”. An evening filled with expert discussions, performances, experimental art and audiovisual experiences within the theme of climate change and human impact on building, as well as the past, present and future of the Pasila district. A collaboration between Dodo, and the art and culture collectives of Ilmastokanava, Avaruusasema and Jatku Mo.

Helsinki Design Week’s theme of the year “Trust” is embraced during the minihouse round when private people open doors in their tiny homes. https://www.helsinkidesignweek.com/events/tiny-house-fair-bus-tour-and-workshop/

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