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The Melting Platform - Design Residency 2019: project presentation and panel talk

  • Industrial design and products
  • Architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Sustainability
  • Food
Sep 12, Thu 17:30-19:00
Erottaja 2
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Architects Anna Burlakova (RU) and Luke Jones (UK) and designer/dancer Jérémy Gaudibert (FR/FI) present their research projects in the frame of the 2019 Design Residency programme in a panel conversation with João Guarantani (British Council), Nicolay Boyadjiev (Strelka Institute) and Martin Born (HIAP).

With the title “The Melting Platform” the Design Residency programme’s 2019 edition concludes a three-year thematic cycle that has focused on dimensions of “material” as an active agent in creative work and thought. This year approached as the common denominator of the multiple and simultaneous changes that are transfiguring the technological and ecological beddings of human societies worldwide, the designers-in-residency have been using tools of narrative speculation, collaborative design and live performance to disassemble material systems and objects into their webs of logistic, speculative and sensual significances, which in their production reappear, reconfigured, as options to familiar rituals, protocols or “solution.” The panel discussion will explore these propositions in a double focus on ecological and technical change.


Anna Burlakova began her professional path with studies at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art. She currently lives and works in Moscow. In her job as an architect at the firm Megabudka, she began working with spaces intended for kids a few years ago. Since then she has taken part in many workshops and participatory design processes with children, which have brought her to want and understand more about the nature of playing and childhood space. For her interest in how people can develop and influence space when they are in game and acting, Anna has created toy factory apparatuses that rediscover the mystery complex of making embedded in common construction elements.

Luke Jones is an architect and researcher from London, working in practice at Mador Architects and lecturing in architectural design at the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design. Luke’s research uses speculative design and narrative to explore material and technological development, transformation and estrangement across a number of platforms – writing speculative and science fictional worlds with Anna Mill as Mill + Jones, exploring architectural and urban histories and futures as a podcast About Buildings + Cities, and doing projects around urban ecologies, platforms and extended intelligence as part of Heat Island. In his project at HIAP, Luke traces a narrative on decarbonisation through the present and future of timber construction – natural processes, artificial carbon sequestration and emergent computation and intelligence.

Jérémy Gaudibert works within a plurality of fields, from product and graphic design to a dance practice that embraces both own work and teaching. Originally from France, he settled in Helsinki at the end of 2017. The constant friction between his different interests sparks a drive for research-oriented projects and the desire to seek connections above definitions. From questioning the use of material and labor in production processes to developing stimulating and engaging images and devices, he is working toward a joyfully provoking appreciation of the verb designing. Jérémy’s research project is a mapping of Finnish coffee culture in its different epochs, rituals, phases, brands etc., which he recomposes in a series of improvisational sense-seeking performances.

João Guarantani is the acting director of the British Council’s Architecture Design Fashion programme.

Nicolay Boyadjiev is the education program design tutor of Strelka Institute’s programme The New Normal.

Martin Born is as a HIAP associate curator in charge of the Design Residency programme.

Design Residency
The Design Residency is a residency programme for practitioners in design and related fields for the practical-critical examination of design as a cultural practice. Established in 2012, the programme is produced by Helsinki International Artist Programme – HIAP in cooperation with British Council, Strelka Institute, Helsinki Design Week and Design Museum with the support of the Finnish Embassy in Moscow and the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg.


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