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Day of the Circular Economy of Competencies & Climate Anxiety Soiree

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Sep 7, Sat 09:30-19:30
Kirkkokatu 6
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New roles for schools and volunteers for climate services.

This event will focus on the UN’s Agenda 2030 objectives and open the Climate Week with a School Camp Day open to all to address climate-friendly volunteer work in the future. At the end of the day, we’ll share our feelings about climate change around an urban campfire.

In addition to co-working and sharing, this event focusing on the future provides a mix of environmental expert statements.

What type of volunteering do you believe in, and what type of volunteer work would you like to do in the future? Is competence exchange the form of circular economy that will solve our wretched global challenges? Is Agenda 2030 on our shared agenda, and what does responsible environmental education entail?

Come listen and take part in the Day of the Circular Economy of Competencies! For this environmental camp you’ll need an open mind and the courage to examine your sense of responsibility and to face your fellow human beings.

The event is in Finnish.


9.30–10.15 MORNING ASSEMBLY What on earth is environmental education? By the research and learning group Kudelma

10.15–11.00 From informal to formal – new steps for schools and volunteer workers. The case of the Otaniemi Secondary School, teacher Kirsi Haapamäki and Sustainability Club members
11.00–12.00 Competencies for the Circular Economy across generations! Environment-themed surprise guests from school kids to professors emeritus

 12.00–13.00 LUNCH (at your own cost)

13.00–14.45 UN AGENDA 2030/Baltic Sea Challenge workshop*

15.00–17.00 Roundtables*

We’ll talk and cry over climate, water and our human sense of responsibility. This urban campfire session will be facilitated by a special guest. You don’t want to miss this discussion!


* What is the Agenda 2030 Baltic Sea workshop?
During the lessons, we’ll test our knowledge of sustainable development. We’ll ponder how to advance sustainable development and how to do it on a personal level. At the workshop, we’ll also hear about Case Baltic Sea Challenge participating in climate services and about Finland’s social commitment to sustainable development under “The Finland We Want for 2050”.

* What are the Roundtables?
During the lessons, we’ll work at themed tables hosted by water protection project leaders and school project representatives. You won’t leave these tables without getting your feet wet or your backpack loaded!

This event is organized by:
The Association of the Finnish Lions Clubs and Lions Club International’s Clean Water Project, the Baltic Sea Challenge, the Finnish Society of Environmental Sciences and the Otaniemi Secondary School in cooperation with the City of Helsinki/Climate School and Helsinki Design Week.




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