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Senseware at Ivana Helsinki House

  • Industrial design and products
  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Fashion and textile design
Sep 6, Fri 16:00-20:00
Sep 7, Sat 11:00-17:00
Sep 8, Sun 12:00-17:00
Palopirtintie 15
Event type
Free Admission
Accessibility for all

We usually think of aesthetics being something visual, but the origins of the word are in the Greek ‘aisthanomai’, meaning ‘I perceive, feel, sense’.

Set within the Ivana Helsinki House in Marjaniemi – an atmospheric 70s-built former office and home by a local architect, the exhibition explores the relationship between our senses, colours, materials, forms and space. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste impacts our perception, either consciously or subconsciously, allowing us to create associations that ultimately impact our thoughts and behaviour.

Senseware consists of artworks and experiences with a multi-sensual approach – aesthetics for all the senses in many shapes and forms. On Saturday the exhibition will also host both local and international speakers, giving delightful and novel insights into design, the senses and sensoriality.

The speakers are Hanna Whitehead -an Icelandic conceptual designer and the founder of Studio Hanna Whitehead working in the southeast of Iceland, Shane Schneck -a renowned American product designer and the founder of Office for Design (OfD) based in Stockholm, Noora Yau -a Finnish colour and material scientist and designer based in Helsinki, and Lasse Laine -a Finnish designer and the founder of ProtosDemos, and the co-founder of Made by Choice and design store TRE. The session will take place on Saturday 7.9 starting at 17.00. The talks will be given in English.

Senseware is an exhibition by Studio Parfum: the creative duo Heli Juuti and Jennifer Lipkin.

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