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Rock, Paper, Scissors - How is the Future of the Finnish Export Industry Designed?

Sep 12, Tue 08:30-10:00
Aleksanterinkatu 16-18
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What will shape the future of the Finnish export industry over the next hundred years?

The Chief Digital Officer of Metso, Jani Puroranta, invites companies that represent Finland’s best industrial traditions and ambitiously reach for the future to discuss the following topics:

How is the hoodie generation reshaping the future of Finland’s basic industry?

What possibilities do digitalization, advanced analytics and virtual resources offer?

Will 3D printing revolutionize the work of engineers?

What does all this mean for Finland?

Rock, Paper and Scissors will be held at the Valkoinen sali in Helsinki on Tuesday morning, the 12th of September.

Register to the event here or just drop by!

The event is in Finnish.


Speakers at the event are:

Jari Puroranta, Chief Digital Officer, Metso

Satu Kalliokulju, Head of Consumer Excellence, Fiskars

Stefan Sundman, Vice President, Public and Media Relations, UPM


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