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Love Harvest - A Dinner for the Senses at Erottaja Palace

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Sep 7, Sat 17:00-23:30
Erottaja 2
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4 course menu 59 €, natural wine menu 40 €, alcohol free drink menu 30€

Does smelling a rose initiate desire? Does eating a nettle seed make you more potent? Why is yarrow called “all-heal” or “life medicine” by native peoples?

Our everyday environment is full of plants with hidden health benefits, many of which have been misunderstood or forgotten altogether. Herbs, flowers, spices, seeds and roots all have powerful effects on humans, both on the body and on the mind.

In an effort to remember and celebrate the sensual effects of these powerful plants, we are happy to announce the Love Harvest dinner, organized during Helsinki Design Week’s opening weekend, to learn more about how wild plants and herbs affect the mind and body through the course of a deliciously sensual meal.

Sami Tallberg, Finnish wild herb chef extraordinaire, has developed a four-course dinner with raw materials specifically selected to awaken your desires and to activate your senses. Tallberg will provide the savory main course dishes, followed by Maria Lundström’s raw vegan dessert creations, which she has perfected over the years at her vegan café, Raawka, located in Vaasa. The chefs will use organic ingredients from Frantsila Herb Farm’s autumn herb harvest, chosen in collaboration with Anna Karhu-Cormier and Jupiter Cormier for their sensory and healthful qualities. Frantsila’s herbal expertise, as an internationally recognized pioneer in organic herbal remedies and natural skin care, combined with Tallberg’s and Lundström’s culinary flavours, ensures a deliciously unique experience for all your senses. 

The Love Harvest dinner is produced by Noora Shingler, a trailblazing Finnish blogger who, for over a decade, has been developing health- and food-focused content for the web, print, radio and television.

The Love Harvest wines are provided by Let Me Wine, the anarchist of the Finnish wine world, whose natural wines represent the grape in its most authentic, untreated form. The wines are served by natural wine expert, sommelier Toni Feri, whose passionate approach to natural wines is simply irresistible.

Menu: The menu is vegan and also available in gluten-free form. Please specify gluten restrictions when making your reservation.

Price: The dinner price is 59 € per person, the foos is vegan + gluten free.

– Tomatoes, wild roses and wild herbs
– Pumpkin, violets and grapes
– Far out beets
– Wild mushrooms, nettle and polypody
– Rose, blackcurrant and chocolate
The wine package is an additional 40 € per person, while the non-alcoholic drink package is 30 €.
(Note: small changes in menu are possible.)

The wine package is an additional 40 € per person, while the non-alcoholic drink package is 30 €.

Timing: The Love Harvest dinner is part of the opening weekend of Helsinki Design Week (HDW) and will take place on Saturday, 7.9. There are two seatings, at 5 pm and 8:30 pm. Both seatings can accommodate up to 60 people.

Location: Dinner will be served at Erottaja 2 in the courtyard of the Art Nouveau Palace, the headquarters of HDW, accessed by the gate on Uudenmaankatu. The dinner area is covered and, if necessary, heated, although given the collective heat coming off your fellow diners, we suspect this won’t be necessary!

Dress code: Dinner guests are kindly asked to wear a black top.

Goodies: Each guest will go home with a bottle of Frantsila’s Perfume Oil, a perfect olfactory reminder of your delicious and sense-filled evening.




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