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“HERE WE ARE!” is a curated exhibition of work from nine artists and designers (Anastasia Serëgina, Bernardo Rivera, Briana Romero, Chris Fraser, Clif Nay, Ismo Suhonen, Kirsi Syrlin, MariC, Tuuli Levit), who are part of HIAA (Helsinki International Artists’ Association Ry).
This group exhibition is a fusion of Finnish and international art and design that shares a common and open-minded vision coming from different angles.

Would design ever have existed without art?

There would have never been design without art, and art has always been found in every piece of design. A designer can also be an artist. Many artists happen to be designers. The fine line between art and design can be discovered and explored from the root of the fine arts until the modern forms of virtual design.

A great design concept always starts with a vision that takes its first form in the real world through the hands of an artist. A further artistic touch could give then a three-dimensional life to this concept and transform it into a concrete object. This is how a piece of design is born.

Art is a response to the questions that cannot always be answered in a pragmatic way.
Design is a response to answer those questions in a pragmatic way.

The fine line between art and design is explored in this exhibition through the intermingling of artists’ and designers’ works. Here we are!

(This event is sponsored by Jyrsijä Helsinki– CNC woodshop – http://www.jyrsija.fi/.)


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