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Helsinki Virtual Design Street

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Sep 3, Thu 24h
Sep 4, Fri 24h
Sep 5, Sat 24h
Sep 6, Sun 24h
Sep 7, Mon 24h
Sep 8, Tue 24h
Sep 9, Wed 24h
Sep 10, Thu 24h
Sep 11, Fri 24h
Sep 12, Sat 24h
Sep 13, Sun 24h
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For the duration of the festival, local and international visitors to the virtual Helsinki will experience a
transformed urban realm, finding themselves in flowing water or stood on 2d grass, under Escher-inspired bridges, or looking up at the street’s facades which have been coloured, and patterned with flowers and moving abstract shapes.


Fanni Lyytikäinen

Fanni Lyytikäinen is a multidisciplinary creative mind with roots in the suburbs of Eastern Helsinki. With her studies and background in fashion she has a strong interest in how the arts interact with society and time, and that interest has also brought her to work with research within trends and consumer behaviour in London. As a strong counterbalance, her personal work is off-worldly free with expression and color, with flowing shapes and layers that seem to forget the reality surrounding us.

In this work I would like to discuss the way we as people and the nature around us share the space we live in, the space of Helsinki. In my own experience of Helsinki, the city intertwines strongly with the urban nature around us, the nature that can be a way of escapism or a way of connecting. I have always felt nature strongly, letting it feed my limitless imagination and visualise my emotions. I would like to share my way of experiencing joy through an array of colors and a firework of unexpected events, twisting your reality as the street slides into an explosion of emotions. Intensity, just like one can experience in this extraordinary northern city with its distinctive four seasons.


Hanna Anonen 

Hanna Anonen is a product and spatial designer based in Helsinki. Known for her talent in combining colours with forms, Anonen presents a fresh perspective on Nordic design. Having gained international attention and several prizes, she finds inspiration in everyday and fun items, and she is a skilled designer of simple yet impressive works.

A virtual installation experience is a topical form of art in this day and age. This form of presentation engages visitors around the world virtually to certain locations.

The work seeks rhythm and motion through colours and 3D presentation so that the visitor can see the landscape live and change from different angles.


Matts Bjolin

Matts Bjolin is an art director and graphic designer based in Helsinki. His work span from physical to digital surfaces and concepts. Throughout his career, he has worked with a diverse set of clients ranging from international brands to local entrepreneurs for big and small projects. Matts enjoys surprising and contrasting juxtapositions both in his work and leisure, sharing his time between the city and the remote countryside.

In the HELSINKI HYPOTHESIS installation, the cityscape goes through a re-examination in which the unrealized past meets a hypothetical future. The work creates a connection to the history of urban planning and the 1815 Helsinki town plan for the Kluuvi canal. Now Aleksanterinkatu is a canal that is crossed by four bridges. The visual expression of the bridges moves between familiar Helsinki themes, such as Engel’s neoclassical forms and the naive interpretation of the red-brick box architecture for which the new maritime Helsinki is known. The bridges create new connections between the past and the future and enable both physical and mental movement. The cityscape no longer uses words, but symbols and shapes born out of the post-internet age.

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