• Exhibition

HDW 2020: Stadium Exhibition

  • Industrial design and products
  • Architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Fashion and textile design
  • Service design
  • Graphic design
  • Sustainability
Sep 11, Fri 11:00-19:00
Sep 12, Sat 11:00-19:00
Sep 13, Sun 11:00-19:00
Olympiastadion, Paavo Nurmen Tie 1
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Accessibility for all
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Just like sports, design encompasses various disciplines. They attract individuals with natural talents, but becoming a champion requires thousands of hours of practice. In its main exhibition at the Olympic Stadium, Helsinki Design Week is to introduce creatives in various stages of their careers. The youth category is for gaining experience and breaking personal records. National and international recognition is achieved through expertise and vision. All participants aim for gold. The trophy shines behind the finish line at the final curve of the Stadium exhibition.

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Visitor instructions

Arrive at the Stadium Exhibition from Paavo Nurmen tie. The entrance to the exhibition is through the Pelaajatunneli (tunnel for the players) door, very familiar to the athletes.

  • Remember to have your tickets on hand when arriving. We recommend buying tickets beforehand. We don’t accept cash payments at the event.
  • We’ll offer a Lifa Air face mask to all the visitors. Only attend the event healthy and remember to keep a safe distance to other visitors.
  • The event is accessible to all.
  • More on the arriving at the Olympic Stadium.
  • Please note that the exhibition will be partly held on a covered outdoor space. Remember to dress accordingly to the weather and wear good and comfortable shoes.

Bistro Stadion is open throughout the whole weekend and serves coffee, cakes and savoury snacks.




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