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Sep 6, Fri 11:00-19:00
Sep 7, Sat 11:00-19:00
Sep 8, Sun 11:00-19:00
Sep 10, Tue 11:00-19:00
Sep 11, Wed 11:00-19:00
Sep 12, Thu 11:00-19:00
Sep 13, Fri 11:00-19:00
Sep 14, Sat 11:00-19:00
Sep 15, Sun 11:00-19:00
Erottaja 2
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The main venue of Helsinki Design Week, Erottaja 2, provides a multitude of events during the festival. In addition to the main exhibitions, Room with a View and DesignPartners19, under the same Neo-Renaissance roof we’ll find the Helsinki Design Week festival info desk and ticket sales, a design store provided by Finnish Design Shop to honour sustainable choices, discussion panels and workshops.

Opened for the first time to the public, Erottaja 2 provides an opportunity to borrow books and magazines, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of organic wine, browse the exhibitions, meet new people and participate in discussions to address the best possible Learning Climate. In this building we’ll also introduce the Helsinki Design Awards finalists, the new players of the Design Diplomacy card game as well as many artworks and installations, including an experimental space by Meiju Niskala, ceramics by Leena Kouhia, and works by Graphic Artist of the Year Lotta Nieminen.

Designers of the future have been invited to present at Erottaja 2. Multidisciplinary student teams will present their solutions to future spatial design and textile production challenges. 

Open from 11 am to 7 pm every day except Monday, 9 September.


Cozy Corner
Cozy Publishing, Fiskars, Iittala, Innolux, Interface, Roots Living & Stala

7 top brands from Finland in a timeless living room.


Naava & Jouni Leino with Brocape

In this space true nature is combined with colourful, light design, creating a bright and airy place to catch one’s breath for a moment.


Kotona table collection, Vedessä art glass collection
Mikko Laakkonen & Teemu Järvi

From water to forest, from unique to production.


Maatuu uinuu henkii
Artek & Teemu Lehmusruusu

Artek presents Teemu Lehmusruusu’s environmental and new media work of art of soil respiration striving to make an essential natural process visible.


Marimekko & Asun


Moderni metsä muuttaa kotisi
Woodio &  Arteflos / Elina Boström

Implemented in cooperation by Woodio and Arteflos, the “Modern Forest Will Transform Your Home” installation is a fairytale vision of a modern home by a material technology company and a floral artist as well as a study of our interactive relation to nature.


Seppo Koho and Mariko Takahashi in collaboration with Secto Design

Reusing familiar shapes of Secto Design and reshaping the space with sculptured columns. 


PlusMinus Partners


Poiat-huonekalukokoelmat 2014–2018
Arctic Tonic- ja Rebelade-virvoitusjuomat
Poiat & Arctic Tonic / Rebelade

The exhibition space turns into a dreamy salon, a living and discussion room to sit down in and have a drink.


Puun jatkot Palazzossa
Timberwise, Harri Korkinen & Ville Kokkonen

The future of Timberwise involves parquet and refining it into a sophisticated product. The end result is timeless design in the spirit of sustainable development.


Joanna Amemori, Veera Forsman, Eevi Hautanen, Emilia Heikkinen, Otto Kaipio, Vieno Koskela, Elina Lantto, Fanni Laukkanen, Emilia Lonka, Rosa-Maria Majuri, Tiina Malinen & Maria Mielonen
Room with a View

Conundrum, a problem with no apparent solution – alternative ideas of environment from the point of view of architecture.


Room with a View

Hakola’s novelties are born as a result of the designers and Jurva-based makers’ dialogue. The makers join the product development process early on, and the solutions honour the artisans’ extensive experience of furniture making.


Dimensio – Keraamisen laatan uudet ulottuvuudet
ABL-Laatat & Metropolia Muotoilu
Room with a View

A shared learning process, an age-old material.


Mari Nurmenniemi
Room with a View

A series of hand-crafted and machine-made traditional knits from Hailuoto provide ways to understand clothes-making processes, their differences and their future.


Kotikatu / Uudenmaankatu
Leena Kouhia & Tapani RInne
Room with a View

The Kotikatu/Uudenmaankatu installation consists of ceramic elements of the neighbourhood buildings and a soundscape composed for the street.


Korvaa The Microbial Headset
Team Korvaa
Room with a View

A view to the future how to replace plastics and animal based materials with microbes and fungi.


Viivi Lehto
Room with a View

Gardening opened a whole new view to working by hand, showed the importance of a slow process and cured me to have the courage to take up glass art.


The Flipside: Trash To Treasure
Lovia & Outi Korpilaakso
Room with a View

Most of our treasures end up in trash bins. Is there a reversed path? Look down at your feet, pick your favorite, and enter the trash revolution


Aalto+Aalto, Julie Tolvanen, Mika Tolvanen, Maija Puoskari & Tuukka Tujula
Room with a View

Hobby crafts were pursued in the evenings at dusk or when it was not possible to work outdoors. In the scenario, hobby craft represents work done by a group of designers outside an assignment, freely on their own merits and following their own passion.


Nomen Nescio
Room with a View

Wood is amazing material and a source of innovation. Trees are important carbon sinks against climate change. Forests bring peace of mind and inspire awe.


Karita Asmala, Jenni Inciarte Villaverde, Piia Jalkanen, Noora Katajalaakso, Liisa Kaunisvirta, Pinja Koskelin, Tatu Laakso, Päivi Lehtinen, Niko Mankinen, Laura Meriluoto Didi Ng, Sanni Rajapolvi, Miika Ruotsalainen, Sara Urbanski & Liisa Vuorenpää
Room with a View

Rajaton 2019 (“Boundless”) presents graduate students’ open-approach views of modern and future design and the public discussion about design values.


Salla Luhtasela, Tuuli Saarelainen, Saija Halko, Armi Teva, Lotta Mattila & Maria Punkkinen
Room with a View

Our exhibition at HDW’s Room With a View presents the work of young designers focusing on ceramics and highlights the importance of material knowledge and craft skills in the creative process.


Shape your light
Room with a View

Our modular lighting system made from bamboo questions the established perception of interior lighting as fixed and unalterable concepts.


Shared Stories
Aalto University & Tama Art University
Room with a View

A collaboration project between Aalto University and Tama Art University textile and fashion design students presents perspectives to cultural exchange and sustainable design thinking. 


Design Diplomacy exhibition


Experiencing Beijing


Helsinki Design Awards exhibition


HIAP, Strelka, British Council and Helsinki Design Week
Design residence installation space 


Juhlat jatkukoon
Meiju Niskala


Metsähallitus #KESTÄVÄÄTEKOA, Tiedekeskus Pilke

Encore at Erottaja l. “Coreheart” is a co-creative, renewable work of art consisting of the Metsähallitus climate programme and common means to meet the climate challenge.


The values of our time in architecture, Diplomityöt 
Suomen Arkkitehtiliitto SAFA
The values of our time in society and architecture.

Architecture reflecting the period. Diploma works call for topics that are important or particularly interesting to their authors. In their own way, they reflect modern values and trends and make them interesting.




Design for Sustainability Summit

The work describes the endless pursuit of consumption and growth and responsible vs. irresponsible consumer behaviour.


Vuoden Graafikko 2019 Lotta Nieminen: Töitä, jne.
Visuaalisen viestinnän suunnittelijoiden järjestö Grafia 

Graphic Designer of the Year by Grafia Lotta Nieminen’s exhibition “Works, Etc.” separates the results of graphic design from their conventional use environment to become part of an installation that studies the relations between colours, forms and empty space.

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