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Enni Karikoski from Niimaar on Zero Waste & Circular Design

  • Industrial design and products
  • Sustainability
Sep 3, Thu 17:00-18:00
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How to reduce the creation of waste and eliminate unnecessary single use plastic? What does “circular design” mean and how do we move from a linear to a circular economy? Enni will introduce these topics and share her passion for working in design and sustainability.

How can you and we all take part in this journey for a greener future for the next generations?

The World Economic Forum has reported that the plastic pandemic is on the rise in 2020. Niimaar’s mission is to reduce waste and the use of unnecessary single use plastics since 2016 and in the future.

Niimaar enables recycling with high quality Ecosmol, Ecomini and Ecogrande Recycling Stations at homes and public spaces. Come and listen at the webinar to the fascinating story by the founder of Niimaar, Circular Economy & Design company and discuss these topics.

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