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Design Talks at Erottaja 2

Sep 6, Fri 11:00-19:00
Sep 10, Tue 11:00-19:00
Sep 11, Wed 11:00-19:00
Sep 12, Thu 11:00-19:00
Sep 13, Fri 11:00-19:00
Erottajankatu 2
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In addition to the exhibition content, Erottaja 2 will also host talks series during the working days of Helsinki Design Week. There will be a talks salon that welcomes visitors for morning sessions and after-work inspiration.

No pre-registration, but seats are limited. Entrance with the exhibition ticket. 

Conversation and co-learning will also take place in the Wine Bar of Erottaja 2. An open for all Design Library gathering will take place daily at 5 pm. The reading list includes Weaving as a Metaphor by Sheila Hicks, KLF: The Manual and Modern Times by Jacques Ranciére. There are seven readers in total, and among them it’s possible to meet Jesse Auersalo, Rosa Tolnov Clausen and Nur Horsanali, just to name a few.  

The entrance to the ground floor of Erottaja 2 is free. 


  • Fri, 6 Sep

11-12 Timo Kiuru: Business-driven Creative Direction

Timo Kiuru is a global creative director. He travels the world to speak to professional audiences, and his observations are published in a number of international publications. Timo Kiuru has headed creative projects around the world for clients including Samsung, McLaren, Microsoft and Mini. He encourages companies to immerse themselves in creativity, focus on what matters and find new ways of working. Timo was recognized with the global 40 under 40 industry award in 2016. (in Finnish)

16-17 Dai Fujiwara, Aalto University and Tama Art University (in English)

17-18 Natasha Hussein: Science as Creative Director

This talk will introduce the ways that we can apply what we understand from Science to design experiences that are exciting, memorable and sustainable — how we can honour the environment whilst maintaining the beauty, luxuriousness and magic of our work. We take a tour through the various ways that our knowledge of the natural world can be extended into systems for thinking and integrating new experiences into the objects and environments that we create — showing how they have been applied and the remaining vast potential for creators of all disciplines to harness these ideas. (In English)

16-17 Dai Fujiwara, Aalto University and Tama Art University (in English)

  • Tue, 10 Sep

12-13 Grafia: Jutellaan Vähän, hosted by Timo Berry (in Finnish)

15-16 Safa: 3A Talks (in Finnish)

16-17 Enni-Kukka Tuomala ja Jani Toivola: Vallan välimatka ja sen rikkominen – Mitä tapahtuu kun samaan huoneeseen laitetaan poliitikko, suunnittelija ja empatia? (in Finnish)

  • Wed, 11 Sep

16-17 Katja Weiland-Särmälä: “The Intangible Value of objects” (in Finnish)

17-19 Design Culture Salon:  Can design research save the planet?

This panel discussion brings together some of Finland’s leading design researchers to debate the ways in which the global ecological crisis is addressed in design. Developing sustainable materials, investigating new systems of production and consumption, or imagining new urban/rural relationships are just a few of the things that design researchers do. What is needed so that design research has an impact on the ‘real world’? How might design profession benefit? How can design researchers work with others in new ways to address the urgent challenges of climate change, and what are the implications? Through these and many other questions, we will explore the near-future of design beyond ‘business as usual’.

Guy Julier, Professor of Design Leadership, Aalto University 

Eeva Berglund, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Policy, Aalto University

Michael Lettenmeier, sustainability consultant and author of 1.5 Degree Lifestyles

Mikko Jalas, Professor of Sustainable Consumption, Aalto University

Ramia Maze, Professor of New Frontiers in Design, Aalto University

Kirsi Niinimäki, Professor of Fashion, Aalto University (in English)

  • Thu, 12 Sep

16-17 Nicolay Boyadjiev ja Pekka Airaxin: Tulevaisuus, estetty ja saavutettu (englanniksi) Nicolay Boyadjiev (BG), Strelka -instituutin suunnittelu- ja opetusohjaaja esittelee Strelkan juuri päättyneen kolmivuotisen tutkimusohjelman The New Normalin lopputuloksia ja päätelmiä sekä avaa tulevan kolmen vuoden näkymiä vuonna 2020 alkavaan The Terraforming -ohjelmaan. Pekka Airaxin (FI), arkkitehti, suunnittelija ja tutkija, esittelee otteita ‘Air Kiss’ -projektistaan, elokuvallisesta kaupunkisuunnitteluskenaariosta, joka sai alkunsa The New Normal -tutkimusohjelmassa Strelkassa. ‘Air Kiss’ käsittelee tekoälyä ubiikkina aineellisena ja urbaanina olosuhteena, joka sytyttää kaupunkimme älylliseen, keinotekoiseen aistimiseen ja pystyy aiheuttamaan mittavia yhteiskunnallisia ja geopoliittisia murroksia.

17.30-18.30 The Melting Platform
Design Residency 2019: project presentation and panel talk

Architects Anna Burlakova (RU) and Luke Jones (UK) and designer/dancer Jérémy Gaudibert (FR/FI) present their research projects in the frame of the 2019 Design Residency programme in a panel conversation with Nicolay Boyadjiev (Strelka Institute) and Martin Born (HIAP).

With the title “The Melting Platform” the Design Residency programme’s 2019 edition concludes a three-year thematic cycle that has focused on dimensions of “material” as an active agent in creative work and thought. This year approached as the common denominator of the multiple and simultaneous changes that are transfiguring the technological and ecological beddings of human societies worldwide, the designers-in-residency have been using tools of narrative speculation, collaborative design and live performance to disassemble material systems and objects into their webs of logistic, speculative and sensual significances, which in their production reappear, reconfigured, as options to familiar rituals, protocols or “solution”. The panel discussion will explore these propositions in a double focus on ecological and technical change. The Design Residency is a residency programme for practitioners in design and related fields for the practical-critical examination of design as a cultural practice. Established in 2012, the programme is produced by Helsinki International Artist Programme – HIAP in cooperation with the British Council, the Strelka Institute, Helsinki Design Week and the Design Museum with the support of the Finnish Embassy in Moscow and the Finnish Institute in St Petersburg.

  • Fri, 13 Sep 

16-17 Lovia Talk (In Finnish)



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