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Design Forum Talk Online <3 Circular Economy

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Sep 9, Wed 13:00-16:15
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At the fourth Design Forum Talk <3 Circular Economy event, we will highlight current design phenomena, trends and best practices to inspire companies to move to a new kind of value creation and towards circular economy business models. The relationship between the customer and the company is constantly changing: the future customer wants to influence the company’s operations and, through the company, further the challenges and grievances he or she perceives widely in our society.

The speakers include:

Jan Christian Vestre, CEO / Vestre, Norway
Rick Veenendaal, Manager Circular Economy / Gispen, The Netherlands
Saara Azbel, Sustainability Manager / Marimekko, Finland
Ryan Gellert, General Manager EMEA / Patagonia, The Netherlands

The event is moderated by Katja Lindroos, CEO / Urban Practices, Finland

The event is organised in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Helsinki.

Welcome to hear circular economy expert speeches and business case presentations online!

Registration for the event here.


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