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Design Diplomacy - Latvia

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Sep 12, Tue 15:00-17:00
Armfeltintie 10, Helsinki
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The Republic of Latvia bought the building called the Palace of Eira in the 1930s but lost it when the Soviets occupied Latvia during the Second World War. After the re-establishment of Latvia’s independence, official relations between Latvia and Finland were re-established in 1991. Four years later, the building was officially handed back to Latvia to serve once again as the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia.

We have an interesting discussion in store between Latvian Miks Balodis from Vaidava Ceramics and Fred Owren, R&D Manager from Vaja Finland.

Fred Owren specialized in product development in the ceramics industry while working at the Arabia mill product development department for 10 years. After moving from Helsinki to Loviisa, Owren renovated a woodshed in his yard, and together with Henna Lamberg began to design and manufacture the first parts of their product family. This is how VAJA Finland was founded in 2011, inspired by a passion for quality, timeless and practical products. The collection of Owren’s handiwork consists of clear-cut items that combine Lamberg’s decorative graphic designs. Today, products are manufactured at VAJA Finland’s factory in Porvoo, where Owren leads the company’s product development and builds the future of the domestic ceramic industry.

Miks Balodis is the middle son of the founder of Vaidava Ceramics, Janis Balodis, and he is the present manager of the family-owned company. Their design and methods show respect towards historic production methods and challenge the ever-changing trends. Miks grew up among plaster forms, steel lathes and clay heaps. Artisans, masters and other employees have grown into one big family, as many of them have been working for the company for more than a decade.

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The event is part of the Helsinki Design Week Design Diplomacy discussion series, which open the doors to Helsinki-based ambassadors’ residences. See the participating embassies and their schedules here.



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