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Design Diplomacy - The United Kingdom

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Sep 15, Fri 14:00-16:00
Kaivopuisto, Helsinki
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The British Ambassador’s residence is one of the most beautiful villas in Helsinki’s Kaivopuisto district. Designed by architect Jarl Eklund, the building was completed in 1918. It has served as the British Ambassador’s residence for over 90 years and has hosted many noteworthy events, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to Helsinki’s Olympic Games in 1952 and the Queen’s visit in 1976. Today, the residence remains largely the same as in the early years, doubling as the ambassador’s private residence and as a location for embassy events.

We will hear discussions on forests at the residence of the United-Kingdom when the Helsinki Design Residency’s designers 2017  Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo will meet a Finnish designer Susan Elo and her colleague Pasi Savolainen.

The duo of artist-researchers, Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo forms FRAUD. Their research project during the Design Residency will focus on the ambiguity between forests as a resource for carbon storage and carbon derivatives. They investigate the material realm of carbon derivatives that has been emerging and shifting under the European gaze. More specifically, the collusion between the forest as a storage resource of carbon, the boreal forest’s disappearance and carbon markets. Through art-led inquiry, they aim to produce a series of ‘carbon suppers’ as a critical landscape to think with questions about land/ocean rights, resource sovereignty, environment and climate governance.

Susan Elo is an interior designer and furniture designer. Currently, Susan is working on the design concept “Me and Forest” on which she has a five-year artistic grant. Pasi Savolainen is a designer and a lumberman. During the past 10 years, Pasi has studied the impact of the beauty of the environment on human wellbeing. His newly founded company, Mourle, develops the welfare effects of built environments.

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The event is part of the Helsinki Design Week Design Diplomacy discussion series, which open the doors to Helsinki-based ambassadors’ residences. See the participating embassies and their schedules here.


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