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Design Diplomacy - Denmark

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Sep 15, Fri 17:00-19:00
Keskusta, Helsinki
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Located opposite the Old Church Park in the center of Helsinki, this apartment is the oldest among the ambassadors’ residences in the city.

During the evening, we will hear a discussion between two CEOs of famous lighting companies: Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, the CEO of the Danish Le Klint, and Håkan Långstedt, the CEO of Saas Instruments. After the dialogue, you will hear interesting details about the modern art paintings and Danish design furniture at the  Ambassador’s residence over a glass of wine.

Kim Weckstrøm Jensen has taken a different route to the design business than most. After the Danish army and then many years in the Norwegian mountains working with tourism, a back injury forced Kim to change professions, and he joined Stokke Tripp Trapp as regional sales manager. Finally, in 1998 he came back home to LE KLINT as an export manager – and since 2001 he has been the CEO of the company. Kim Jensen has always been fascinated with light in its many forms and is constantly amazed at the ability of pure natural light’s power to enhance or deplete nature’s beauty. He is interested in how light can get us to simultaneously think about colour, texture and shade while interacting with our senses and affecting our moods.

Here in the north, light is not a matter of course but a precious gift from nature that has a holistic effect on everyone’s wellbeing. Håkan Långstedt, Managing Director of Saas Instruments, emphasizes the understanding of the beauty of light and the sense of self-reliance, without forgetting the technical know-how. The latest projects have been Löyly Helsinki, Fazer Visitor Center Vantaa, Restaurant Finnjävel Helsinki, Ikano Umeå, and the Kinsky Summer Palace Prague.

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The event is part of the Helsinki Design Week Design Diplomacy discussion series, which open the doors to Helsinki-based ambassadors’ residences. See the participating embassies and their schedules here.


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