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Design Diplomacy 2019: Discussions and Exhibition at Erottaja 2

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  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Fashion and textile design
  • Sustainability
Sep 6, Fri 09:00-11:00
Sep 6, Fri 14:00-16:00
Sep 6, Fri 17:00-19:00
Sep 9, Mon 14:00-16:00
Sep 9, Mon 17:00-19:00
Sep 10, Tue 09:00-11:00
Sep 10, Tue 14:00-16:00
Sep 10, Tue 17:00-19:00
Sep 11, Wed 09:00-11:00
Sep 11, Wed 14:00-16:00
Sep 11, Wed 17:00-19:00
Sep 12, Thu 14:00-16:00
Sep 12, Thu 17:00-19:00
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Design Diplomacy discussions and exhibition at Erottaja 2

This year the Design Diplomacy discussions will take place in 13 ambassador residences all around Helsinki. One design professional from each country meets a Finnish designer over the renewed Design Diplomacy card game. The Design Diplomacy cards have new colours, and the players will face new questions.

In addition to the residence discussions, now for the first time we can see the works of the participating designers at the Design Diplomacy exhibition. The exhibition will take place on the third floor of the main venue of Helsinki Design Week at Erottaja 2. It will present the answers of the designers participating in the Design Diplomacy card game to questions such as: What makes a perfect object? Or what is the best compliment to receive for one’s design work? The exhibition also presents the love for materials and the designers’ favourite projects over the years.

Read more and register for the events by clicking the name of the country.

Design Diplomacy discussions in 2019

Friday, 6 September

Iceland (9-11) FULL
Sweden (14-16) FULL
Belgium (17-19) FULL

Monday, 9 September

Latvia (14-16)
Estonia (17-19) FULL

Tuesday 10, September

Norway (9-11) FULL
The United Kingdom (14-16) FULL
Italy (17-19) FULL

Wednesday 11, September

Ireland (9-11)
Slovakia (14-16)
The Netherlands (17-19) FULL

Thursday 12, September

Spain (14-16) FULL
Denmark (17-19) FULL



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