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Design Diplomacy 2018

  • Industrial design and products
  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Urban planning
  • Fashion and textile design
  • Service design
Sep 7, Fri 17:00-19:00
Sep 10, Mon 14:00-16:00
Sep 10, Mon 17:00-19:00
Sep 11, Tue 14:00-16:00
Sep 11, Tue 17:00-19:00
Sep 12, Wed 14:00-16:00
Sep 12, Wed 17:00-19:00
Sep 13, Thu 14:00-16:00
Sep 13, Thu 14:00-16:00
Sep 13, Thu 17:00-19:00
Sep 14, Fri 14:00-16:00
Sep 14, Fri 17:00-19:00
Sep 15, Sat 14:00-16:00
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This year the Design Diplomacy discussions take place in 13 ambassadors’ residences. One design professional from each country meets a Finnish designer over the renewed Design Diplomacy card game.

The participating embassies are those of Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Spain, as well as Ireland and Estonia as the two newest participants. Confirmed speakers include Latvian architect Zaiga Gaile, Danish textile and print designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph, Belgian product designer Sep Verboom, the director of Bratislava Design Week Ľubica Hustá, and Estonian architect Vilen Künnapu.

Registration to events has started. Read more and register for the events by clicking the name of the country.

Friday, 7 September

Monday, 10 September
The Netherlands – the event is canceled

Tuesday, 11 September

Wednesday, 12 September

Thursday, 13 September

Friday, 14 September
The United Kingdom

Saturday, 15 September


Design Diplomacy has for the first time spun off new projects!

Last year’s Design Diplomacy pair at the Spanish residence, Andreu Carulla and Mikko Laakkonen, met for the first time playing the Design Diplomacy card game. This event generated an idea to renew the interior of the residence. 

Made by Choice launches the Design Diplomacy collection created with Mikko Laakkonen and Andreu Carulla. The aim was to design a new product collection, creating collaborations beyond borders among designers and manufacturers, that perfectly suits and honors the Spanish Ambassador’s residence, Villa Himberg, which was created by Aarne Ervi in 1954.
The collaborative project garners national and international attention by being launched at Helsinki Design Week. The collection will be permanently situated at the Spanish Embassy in Finland. The producers are Made by Choice from Finland and M114, LZF lamps and Nanimarquina from Spain.

More information here.

Helsinki Design Weekly will follow the Spanish residence renovation project and the product design process during 2018 and 2019. Eventually, the products will be placed in the Spanish residence, the living room and hall space of which will be completely renovated during 2019.


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