• Discussion

Design Diplomacy 2018 – Iceland

  • Industrial design and products
Sep 11, Tue 17:00-19:00
Kruununhaka, Helsinki
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Accessibility for all

This residence was designed by Lars Sonck and Onni Törnqvist, and the discussion follows its Art Nouveau spirit. The apartment was used as a student dormitory during the 1970s, and the big rooms and halls were divided into small single units. The building has been the Icelandic Ambassador’s residence since the year 1999 when it was fully restored to its original style.

Product designer Björn Steinar will participate in the discussion from Iceland with graphic designer Ulla Donner.

Björn Steinar is an enthusiastic young designer who strives towards bringing around societal change through his design practice. Steinar is from a generation of product designers;  designing into a world over flooded with products and useless temptations. The world is in dire need of solutions to an array of problems, which is why Steinar tends towards what he calls an anti-capitalistic design method;  honest design practice with a real purpose, where no one is screwed over – neither people nor planets.

The event is full.

The event is part of the Helsinki Design Week Design Diplomacy discussion series, which open the doors to Helsinki-based ambassadors’ residences. See the participating embassies and their schedules here.


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