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Data-Driven Design Day

  • Industrial design and products
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Sep 12, Thu 09:00-16:30
Fabianinkatu 14
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#DDDD2019 8:30  

Morning coffee



How data-capable organizations are developed?

9:00 HDW/ Qvik Lassi Liikkanen Welcome to DDDD2019!
9:10 Keynote DNA Ulla Jones &
Minna Mustakallio
Seamless collaboration between data and design
9:40 Case OP Pia Hannukainen Managing customer insight for design
10:00 Talk Suunto Juha Lauhamaa &
Lasse Vuorento
The painful process of accepting the truth




Networking coffee




Roots of creativity

11:00 Case Frantic Kaisa Ruotsalainen Can you innovate by asking users?
11:20 Keynote Frog Andreas Markdalen Dissonance, friction and poetry in the automated design process
12:00 Case Fourkind Jarno Kartela How to make whisky with machine learning








Data dystopia, utopia, and reality

13:20 Keynote Samim Winiger Augmentation, amputation, dehumanisation –
life-centred design
14:00 Talk Aalto University Antti Oulasvirta AI for data-driven design
14:30 Talk Adobe Johan Helgesson & Stephanie Maier Fueling creativity in the age of AI




Networking coffee #2



Late noon

Data-driven design in action

15:30 Case Idean Matias Vaara
15:50 Case Blok Olli Gunst How Blok uses data to gain a competitive edge in the real estate market.
16:10 Case Amerikka Jere Gröhn Using open data in urban and conceptual retail design?



Data-Driven Design Day is being held for the fifth time this year together with Helsinki Design Week.

At DDDD2019, you’ll hear thoughts and practical tips on how to utilize data in design from experts in the field. You can expect inspiring stories about developing products and services based on data to enhance customer experience and business.

This year’s theme is Augmented Creativity, but we’ll also have sessions about the landscapes of data, creating space and a handful of other handpicked topics.

On this full-day event, we will have an outstanding line-up of speakers, a perfect balance between domestic greatness and insightful keynotes from international guest speakers!


Meet the topics of Data-Driven Design Day 2019! 

Keynote speakers Ulla Jones and Nina Karlsson from DNA talks about “Where does data end and design begin? Can we find a way to collaborate seamlessly with differently motivated people?” She describes the title following: “The effective and actionable collaboration requires shared language, mutual understanding and respect. One can not exist without the other. This talk explores how can we get the data-driven design teams to realize their best potential.”


The lead designer from Frantic Kaisa Ruotsalainen talks about the question: Can you innovate by asking the users? Do users and innovation efforts naturally mix? Does asking the user only lead to the most obvious, conventional and average solutions without  imagination and vision? Can anything innovative come out of involving the user? She argues that in order to support innovation, teams should not settle for only quantitative and qualitative data, but mix them with co-design and experimentation with users.


Pia Hannukainen the Senior Specialist, Customer Value Creation from OP Financial Group talks about Managing customer insight for design. Large organizations hold large amounts customer data. As design practice matures,  the needs for accurate customer insight surface. This talk sheds light on how managing different types of customer data is organized at OP Financial Group.


Samim Winiger who is the executive Director and Human from samim.io has the talk title Augmentation, Amputation, Dehumanisation – towards life-centered Design. This talk explores the implications of ubiquitous machine learning powered augmentation systems, and it’s impact on human culture – both positive and negative. It provides a framework to think about the design and usage of such systems, in the context of a life-centric praxis in times of climate change.


Antti Oulasvirta, an Associate Professsor at Aalto University talks about AI for data-driven design. How may AI change practice of data-driven design? In this talk, I review recent advances in deep learning and model-based approaches and present examples of how the application of these technologies has already made an impact.


Johan Lopes Helgesson, Digital Media Team Leader and Stephanie Maier, UX/UI Evangelist from Adobe talks about Fueling creativity in the age of AI. This talk highlights how state-of-the-art software, such as Adobe XD or Photoshop, can understand designer’s process and automate certain steps on the way to help users get their work done much times faster!


Andreas Markdalen, the Executive Creative Director from frog talk title is Beautiful Anomalies: Crafting for dissonance, friction and poetry in the automated design process. Imagine a future in which the design process has has been optimised to perfection; where processes are automated, creativity augmented, systems are open source, and where our experiences are increasingly gentrified and generic. In this context, I explore and provoke thoughts around themes like poetic resilience in craft, creative dissonance and de-centralized brands.


Olli Gunst, co-founder & CMO from Blok talks about How Blok uses data to gain a competitive edge in the real estate market. This case study reveals how Blok managed to become the fastest growing real estate agency ever in Finland, thanks to data.


Jere Gröhn the COO at Amerikka talks about Using open data in urban and conceptual retail design? You dont’ need to own big data to make big impact. This case exhibits selected cased from Amerikka, who has successfully used open data in several projects. Their works have varied from choosing right businesses for right locations to large concept and design competitions.


Update: Matias Vaara from Idean will be presenting at DDDD.


Jarno Kartela, Machine Learning Partner from Fourkind Computational creativity – how to make whisky with machine learning and what will happen next. So far few have attempted to make complex consumer products’ designs with AI. Mackmyra’s world-first machine learning generated whisky is what does just this. In this talk we’ll hear why it will have implications to multiple industries.


Juha Lauhamaa, Marketing Manager and Team Lead and Lasse Vuorento, UX Designer, from Sports Tracker / Suunto talk about the The painful process of accepting the truth. For several years, Amer has been implementing modern mobile analytics tools across brands. This  has been a painful learning process with high rewards. No more guessing how users might react, instead we now see in realtime what our users do and how they use our apps and products. This lead to a situation where consumers are, for real, in the heart of everything we do and design.

The event is powered by DNA and Frantic.


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