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Creative Play Workshop is a guided visual play session for adults. During the workshops you will play with graphics, colours, shapes and multisensory materials. The workshop gives you a chance to create something unexpected and to make experiments.

The workshop consist of three play stations:
1. Graphic Play, where you are able to study creative mark making methods with acrylic paint and paper,
2. Candy Play, where you can observe shapes and colours and make compositions out of candy and other haptic materials, and
3. System Play, where you can create, build and design something new out of common materials from everyday life.

The Creative Play Workshop is held at Hietsun Paviljonki, right next to Hietaniemi Beach, on Tuesday evening at 5:30–7:30 pm. Tickets from Holvi, 30 €. Max. 15 participants. Please arrive on time. Let’s play!

The workshop is organized by Visual Designer Kukka-Maria Kiuru, www.kukkamariakiuru.com

About the venue: www.hietsunpaviljonki.fi

Sponsored by Roobertin Herkku

Candies may contain traces of nuts or other allergens. Workshop is for adults only.

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