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Sep 4, Fri 08:00-20:00
Sep 7, Mon 08:00-21:00
Sep 8, Tue 15:00-21:00
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Otaniementie 14
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Household consumption accounts for more than 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 50–80 percent of total land, material and water use.  

Within the next ten years, Finns need to cut more than 70% of their carbon footprint. 

To reduce emissions and waste, we need to be educated on the impacts of our choices, change our mindset on consumption, and advocate for more transparent and sustainable production chains.

Learn from the six projects that battles in the game of Consume consciously:

1. Co-creating the future of food 

This exhibition sheds light on what happens behind the scenes of novel food and beverage products, showcasing Finnish entrepreneurs, experiments and collaboration needed for designing new innovative solutions.  

2.–25.9.2020, exhibition at the Väre building, main lobby, Otaniementie 14

02:09:20 | ONLINE EVENT

09:00 Instagram LIVE talks @designbts with researchers, industry experts and entrepreneurs: Co-creation in the packaged food and beverage industry.


12:00 Sustainable packaging – Markus Joutsela / Aalto ARTS and Pramod Jayaprakash / Spices Chef. Join to the Zoom webinar

15:00 Instagram LIVE talks @designbts with researchers, industry experts and entrepreneurs: Regionality and interna-tionalization in Finnish food.


03:09:20 | ONLINE EVENT

09:00 Instagram LIVE talks @designbts with researchers, industry experts and entrepreneurs: Trends and challenges in the food industry.


12:00 Current state and future outlook of the insect industry – Topi Kairenius / Hyönteiskokki, Fat Lizard Brewing Co. Join to the Zoom webinar

15:00 Instagram LIVE talks @designbts with researchers, industry experts and entrepreneurs: From crisis to creativity – food and beverage companies respond-ing to the pandemic.


The project has been funded by Antti and Jenny Wihuri Foundation.


2. Solving the systemic challenges in the textile and fashion industry 

The current logic in the fashion industry relies on cheap manufacturing, frequent consumption and short-lived garment use. FINIX researchers observe the textile industry as a holistic system and highlight the changes that need to take place simultaneously by different players all around the globe. FINIX will support industrial transformation towards more sustainable textile and fashion sector., exhibition at the Väre building, FE Lobby gallery, Otaniementie 14

15:09:20 15:00-16:30 | ONLINE TYÖPAJA

Muodikasta vastuullisuutta? -työpaja suomeksi

Ilmoittaudu työpajaan: https://webropol.com/s/fashionablesustainability


21:09:20 18:00-19:30 | ONLINE WORKSHOP

Fashionable sustainability? -workshop in English

Enrollement: https://webropol.com/s/fashionablesustainability

This research project is a collaboration between Aalto University, SYKE, VTT, LUT, LAB and Turku Universities of Applied Sciences, Heureka and Rhea Solutions Oy. The project is funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland. 



Thoughts and Views on Sustainable Fashion

The exhibition showcases pieces from students’ BA and MA collections where they have challenged themselves to create more sustainable fashion without compromising their own creativity and artistic vision., exhibition at the Väre building, FE Lobby gallery, Otaniementie 14


4. Ecological travelling 

Reducing flying is an easy way to decrease your personal carbon footprint. Visual communication design acts as a means of social influence and activism in the tourism industry. The exhibition showcases student projects that were developed for the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2020 to encourage travel by land., exhibition at the Väre LQ Lobby gallery, Otaniementie 14


5. CreaTures PanelThe power of creative practices for transformational futures

09:09:20 | 17:00 – 19:30 | ONLINE EVENT

The CreaTures Panel at Helsinki Design Week will open a space for discussion about existing and potential roles of creative arts and design in driving socio-ecological transformations. The panel discussion is led by moderators and discussants with experiences from the arts and sustainability sector, and invites the audience to explore diverse scenarios for actualizing transformational futures via creative practices. 


Saija Hollmen, Vice Dean of Art and Creative Practices, Aalto ARTS 
Pirjo Kääriäinen, Associate Professor in Design and Materialities, Aalto ARTS 
Julia Lohmann, Professor of Practice in Contemporary Design, Aalto ARTS 
Kirsikka Vaajakallio, Lead Service Designer, Hellon
Ali Akbar Mehta, Artistic Director, Museum of Impossible Forms 

Moderators: Marketa Dolejsova and Namkyu Chun, Postdoctoral Researchers of CreaTures, Aalto ARTS 

The event will be held in English. 

Join to the panel discussion via Zoom https://aalto.zoom.us/j/65964498708 

The project receives funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

6. SUSLA – Your guide to a sustainable lifestyle 

People want to contribute to a sustainable change, SUSLA application wants to make these lifestyle changes easier. SUSLA is a detailed footprint calculator that provides both carbon and material footprints across five domains: housing, mobility, leisure, food and goods.

Get the calculator: susla.app, Exhibiton displayed around the campus on digital screens.

You can take part in the our event at any time on September by joining our online community on Facebook.  Language: Finnish / suomeksi 


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