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Chinese tradition in future

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The online exhibition Chinese tradition in future brings a young and fresh perspective to Chinese contemporary design. Exhibition works have been developed in the spring of 2020 in design students’ workshops in Guangdong university of technology’s School of art and design. The workshops were led and the exhibition is curated by university’s professors Hannu Pöppönen and Zhang Yong.

In the global world and design industry, locality and authentic identity are important values. In the workshops, the students explored the tradition of Chinese design as well as the significance and utility of traditions today. In their exhibition works, the students build a bridge between the traditions and current aesthetics, practicality and technology. Through the works a new kind of identity of Chinese design is outlined.

The exhibition is multidisciplinary. It includes students of product design, industrial design, environmental design, fashion design and visual art design. All the participants are sophomores.

Chinese tradition in future -exhibition online

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