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Aalto University organises a discussion: Art, Education and Entrepreneurship as part of the Helsinki Design Week 2019 programme.

The event invites everyone – students, teachers, experts and the general public – to explore new arts-based and entrepreneurial openings in education.

Although the world and working life are changing, the business opportunities for art education are still under-explored. Art education addresses soft values in society, lifelong learning, technology and creativity – all important for building a more sustainable education in the future.


 Johannes Kaira is an integration teacher and education concept developer at Aalto Ventures Program. AVP is the entrepreneurial education unit at Aalto, which is focused on practical approach to entrepreneurship. Johannes collaborate with Aalto ARTS courses as well runs an AVP-routine course, focused on building a strong foundation for professional identity.  
He also works as an architect and design culture consultant at Plehat design office.
Currently, one of the main questions for him, is how can people better prioritise their time according their true values. 

Martti Raevaara is a professor of e-learning and assessment, and the head of Art Department (until March 2020) in Aalto ARTS. He has been a member of several national and international boards and steering groups and teacher education development projects focused on cross-disciplinary initiatives for innovative learning and education. Martti was a Vice President of Aalto University (2009-2014) in charge of education reforms, and before a Vice-Rector (2008-2009) at University of Art and Design UIAH. 

Anna Rantapero-Laine is in charge of a national Smart Learning Environments for the Future project, a part of the Six City Strategy/6Aika. Project aims at creating new business opportunities through co-creation for companies that develop new products and services for modern learning environments (physical, virtual, digital). Anna is excited about service design, experimentation culture, user-driven public services. #startups #edtech #co-creation #innovationplatforms 

Jouni Spets is the founder of Kasviportaat Oy and the developer of the Supragarden system (Modular and Vertical Hydroponics Grow System). He has long experience in various service and product development projects and innovative co-development projects.  

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