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2x2 Talks: Urban Space and Mental Well-being

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Sep 10, Tue 17:30-21:00
Hämeentie 11, 6. krs
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How do our environments impact our physical, psychological and emotional well-being? How can we measure the economic impact of urban spaces that support our health?

Psychologically and emotionally healthy built environments provide us with choices to be and act. They enable us a sense of control of our environment and ourselves. How does an urban space communicate possibilities instead of restrictions? How do our everyday environments support our connectedness – sense of belonging – to ourselves, to other people, to our environment, time and energy? How does the well-being standardization of built environments work? Could the design of our everyday environments be a part of healthcare strategies?

The discussion event, organized by the architecture office Kanttia2 and design offices Raven & Wood Agency and Pinto Design, delves into designing and building urban spaces from the perspective of psychological and emotional well-being. In the interviews are Mari Vaattovaara / Urbaria Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, Leena Alanko / Demos Helsinki, Mika Huhtala / University of Helsinki, Facilities and properties, and Kimmo Rönkä / Rönkä Consulting. The talks are moderated by Markus Haapsaari / Kanttia2 and Heini Lehtinen / Raven & Wood Agency.

The language of the event is Finnish.

Free admission. Limited capacity, so please register to ensure your attendance.

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The premises of the event are accessible by wheelchair from the inner yard. Entrance to the inner yard from Kaikukatu, then enter the door next to the Post Bar entrance, from where access to an elevator to the 6th floor.

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