How to safely participate in Helsinki Design Week

We follow the COVID-19 situation closely and comply with the authorities’ recommendations in all of our operations. These pages are regularly updated as need be.

We want to make your participation in the festival as safe as possible. You are welcome to attend our events if you are feeling healthy. If you are sick, please stay at home until you feel better. Please contact healthcare services if necessary.

Let’s maintain a healthy distance

Take up space for yourself and give space to others when moving about the HDW events, queueing or using other services. As the organizers, we’ll also keep our distance from you.

Buy tickets in advance

We recommend that you buy the tickets to the Stadium exhibition and the PechaKucha Night at the Olympic Stadium in advance so that we’ll have information of all the participants and can avoid contact at the door.

If you buy your ticket at the door, please note that we only accept card payment and recommend contactless paying.

Practice appropriate sanitation and hygiene

Please wash your hands properly and use hand sanitizer. Please sneeze and cough into a clean handkerchief and into your sleeve if necessary. Please do not touch the items on display or the installations. Avoid touching any surface if not absolutely necessary.


Do I need to wear a mask at the festival?

We comply with the authorities’ recommendations about public events. A face mask will help protect other participants and yourself from getting infected. The latest recommendations can be found on the THL website. We offer every visitor at the Stadium Exhibition a Lifa Air mask to wear.

How is safety ensured on the Olympic Stadium?

We only allow a limited number of visitors to enter at any time period in order to maintain safe distances. On the floor of the Stadium, you’ll find marks that help maintain a safe distance to others. The exhibition items have been place loosely, and we have clearly marked the direction to proceed. In the premises, you can find several points for hand sanitation, and there are no surfaces to touch, such as door handles. To protect hygiene and health, we do not accept cash at the event.

How many people will attend the events?

We only let a limited number of people enter any event at any period of time. We have taken into consideration safe distance and spaciousness in the design of the premises and, for example, the way the works are hung, the signage for directions and the seating order.

Can I have my money back if the event is cancelled?

If we need to cancel the event due to COVID-19, we’ll return your money for the tickets you have already bought.

What if I get sick after attending an event?

This year we are paying special attention to knowing who will be attending, and we’ll collect everybody’s phone numbers at ticket sales in order to track the infection chain if necessary. We recommend that you buy event tickets in advance so that as many as possible can be registered for the events.

Please contact the event organizer if you fall ill after the event or if you suspect being sick during the event. Nevertheless, at our events we strive at careful hygiene and sanitation, safe distances between persons and clear instructions in order to avoid infections.

Who is responsible for the events?

Helsinki Design Week’s main programme is produced by Luovi Productions Oy. Most of the events are organized by institutions, companies and creatives based in Helsinki. Each organizer is responsible for their own events.

Covid-19 information for the Helsinki Design Week event organisers.

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