Kari Korkman
CEO, Founder

Kari Korkman, M.Sc. (Econ.), is the founder and director of Helsinki Design Week and the President of World Design Weeks. He has been involved in a large number of product development projects and launches since the beginning of the 90s and has produced and curated a number of design exhibitions and events. Kari has received much recognition for his achievements in the design business and for activating city culture. Kari spends his spare time racing with his old wooden sailboat named Raili.


Anni Korkman
Editor in Chief, Helsinki Design Weekly / Executive Producer, Helsinki Design Week

Anni Korkman is the Editor in Chief of Helsinki Design Weekly and a Master of Arts in Innovation Management. She has been a part of the Helsinki Design Week team from the beginning and is interested in Experience Design. In her spare time Anni likes swimming in the sea.

Helena Fernström

Helena Fernström works with productions and plays a part in making Helsinki Design Week’s programme even more diverse and international. Helena has worked also with the World Design Weeks network since it was founded. She is a Master of Arts who during her free time enjoys teaching French, dancing and quality movies and not-so-quality jokes.


Jenny Järvinen

Jenny is a Bachelor of Art and Design and continues studies in the field of Behavioral Sciences in the University of Helsinki. She likes to spend her free time with her dogs or skiing and swimming with friends in the nature.  

Pamela Lewis 

International media relations 

Martina Wuoristo-Huhta
Executive Producer

Martina works as the Executive Producer for Helsinki Design Week. She is a MSc. (Econ.) specialized in marketing and cultural management. Martina has been at the service of Helsinki Design Week since 2010 and she is in charge of productions and administration. In her spare time she likes to dance and spend time with friends and her garage band.

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