South of North: architecture network premiering at Helsinki Design Week


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An exhibition showcasing the work of South of North, a collaboration project between Nordic architects, will be presented as a part of Helsinki Design Week at the Abattoir from 6–14 September. 

South of North is a network of 12 architecture offices who use their professional skills to alleviate poverty in the developing world. The collaboration project aims at achieving positive social impact through design and architecture, and acts as a shared arena for the young teams to compare, analyse and discuss their work together.

The exhibition project seen in Helsinki Design Week presents the projects realized in developing countries, documenting the lessons learned and further distributing the knowledge gained. 

On Saturday 6 September from 3 pm–5 pm, the network will host a Mouthful of Meetings Seminar at the Abattoir. Come and meet the architects and discuss the possibilities of utilizing their skills in your work. 

South of North will present the Mouthful of Meetings Seminar in the Venice Biennale on 19 September shortly after Helsinki Design Week. 

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