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Weaving Kiosk

  • Fashion and textile design
Sep 7, Thu 13:00-20:00
Sep 8, Fri 13:00-20:00
Sep 9, Sat 13:00-20:00
Sep 10, Sun 13:00-20:00
Sep 11, Mon 13:00-20:00
Sep 12, Tue 13:00-20:00
Sep 13, Wed 13:00-20:00
Sep 14, Thu 13:00-20:00
Sep 15, Fri 13:00-20:00
Sep 16, Sat 13:00-20:00
Sep 17, Sun 13:00-20:00
Please check http://rosatolnovclausen.com/Weaving-Kiosk or http://www.facebook.com/Weaving-Kiosk-1295826727174379/ for precise location.
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Free Admission
Accessibility for all

Weaving Kiosk

The Weaving Kiosk concept is an interpretation of the traditional Nordic weaving workshop. It is a space where people can meet through the hand weaving craft across social background, culture and age. At the same time it is a space where practical traditional knowledge about hand weaving traditions can be kept alive and interpreted through present design interpretations.

The Weaving Kiosk is a concept created by textile designer Rosa Tolnov Clausen (DK/FIN). It is a space where set-up looms, weaving tools and materials are made openly available for anyone to use. The tools and materials collections of weaving samples and readily designed product proposals created by Rosa Tolnov Clausen and fashion designer Merja Hannele Ulvinen (FIN/SE) are laid out, based on traditional Nordic weaving techniques. Using these for inspiration or as production guidelines, participants in the kiosk can explore their own selections of yarn and techniques and adapt them into products of their liking.

The intention behind the kiosk is that the hand-made product will find its way again into the contemporary context of use, without nostalgic affect, instead for individual purposes through a diverse creation effort and the use of the hand.

The Weaving Kiosk is series of four events taking place in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Reykjavik in 2017/2018.

The Weaving Kiosk will take place at COLLABORATORIO, Punavuorenkatu 1 LH , 00120 Helsinki.

Please check here or here  for precise location.

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