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Q&A Tram Talks: Grafia

Sep 12, Tue 16:00-17:00
Mikonkatu 15
Event type
Registered Only
Accessibility for all

Let’s talk about the city as a space for visual communications. The tram discussion is moderated by Kaarle Hurtig, and participants include street artist and art director Maikki Rantala (Grafia Street Art Guild G-Rex), architect Tuomas Siitonen and graphic designer Ilkka Kärkkäinen (Dynamo & Son).

The event is part of an event series taking place on HRT’s “culture tram” touring the city districts while functioning as an arena for the discussions.

Tram starts at 16:00 from Mikonkatu 15.

Pre-registration here.

Grafia ry is an organization for visual communication designers. With more than 1000 professional members, Grafia promotes appreciation for Finnish visual communications and guards the professional, legal and financial interests of its members.






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