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SHOWROOM: Masao Kobayashi – Miyadaiku, a Carpenter Specialized in Old Japanese Temples

Sep 14, Thu 14:00-15:00
Showroom / Messukeskus, Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki
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Free Admission
Accessibility for all

Masao Kobayashi is MIYADAIKU, a carpenter specialized in old Japanese temples. He is a director and teacher in the TORYO IKUISEI GAKKO school, which trains carpenters in the Japanese temple craft tradition.

MIYADAIKU means a special carpenter in the Japanese language. MIYADAIKU uses a highly detailed and qualified technique to build temples. Thanks to this master method, the temples can stand for thousands of years despite earthquakes and natural catastrophes. MIYADAIKU treats wood as a natural material, taking into consideration the character of each individual tree. The joints are called ”kizami”, and they are created without metal parts. There are hundreds of different joints formed by combining various shapes.

MIYADAIKU’s craft is handed down orally from master to apprentice. There have been hundreds of MIYADAIKU virtuosi in Japan, but today only less than one hundred remain. Japanese temple construction is a rare craft technique that is extremely important to hand down to future generations.

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