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SHOWROOM LUNCH TALKS: Landscape Architecture and Multivalent Green Areas in the City

  • Urban planning
  • Sustainability
Sep 14, Thu 12:00-00:00
Jan 1, Thu 24h
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Free Admission
Accessibility for all

LUNCH TALKS:  Landscape Architecture and Multivalent Green Areas in the City

Moderator: Emilia Weckman

Participants: Ulla  Loukkaanhuhta, Susanna Lehvävirta, Mari Ariluoma

The Lunch Talks event addressing landscape architecture and multivalent green areas in the city is moderated by Emilia Weckman, the chair of MARK, i.e., the Finnish Landscape Architects’ Association. Ideas from the viewpoint of science, eco-system services and design are provided by landscape architects Ulla Loukkaanhuhta (Ramboll), Mari Ariluoma (Nomaji), Jouni Heinänen (The City of Helsinki) and director of the green roof research group “Fifth Dimension” and university researcher Susanna Lehvävirta.

How should we design urban outdoor spaces to meet both important environmental objectives and the users’ needs? How to ensure that there is enough outdoor space as well as resources to build and maintain them in an increasingly densely and economically built city?

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